TALK OF THE TOWN: Happy Blue Blood Love Triangle

The mother of the Duke of Roxburgh’s child is an old friend of his new fiancée.

So Fashion designer Morvalid Sahafi, a former girlfriend of the Duke of Roxburger and once one of Britain’s most qualified bachelors, may be expected to be a little moody about the news of getting married.

After all, she only separated from the Duke (former Army Captain Charlie Ines Kerr, 39, she has a 4-year-old daughter). Blockade last year. In addition, his fiancé, Annie Green, 31, is one of Sahafi’s friends.

But if an Iranian-born 39-year-old woman regrets moving Ms. Green instead of herself to the 200-room Floors Castle, Charlie will be £ 100m when her father dies in 2019. Inherited with the property of. Give them to yourself.

Charlie Bowman, Duke of Roxburgh in the photo, has moved his fiancé Annie Green to Floors Castle, an ancestral mountain.

Duke had previously had a relationship with Ms. Green’s best friend, Movarid Surfy.

Duke inherited £ 100m with the 200 Floors Castle in the photo after his father died in December 2019.

Not only does the happy couple have Sahafi’s blessing, she is full of goodwill. “I think he made a great choice. She’s a friend and really great,” she says.

“I’ve known her for 15 years. I knew her before I knew him.

“I’m very happy with my marriage. I wouldn’t have been able to choose a better person myself. She [Annie] It’s incredible. “

Educated by Eaton and Sandhurst, Charlie is the 11th Duke of Rocksburg and also holds the titles of Marquis of Bowmont and Cessford, Count of Kelso, and Viscount of Blocksmas.

He and Annie, a South African trainee occupational therapist, wait until the blockade restrictions are relaxed before planning the wedding.

“They met in the summer of 2020 and are doing very well. They are a fab couple,” says a friend.

Before Duke met Ms. Sahafi, he married Sir Beaverbrook’s eldest daughter, Charlotte Aitken, who broke up within a year.

TALK OF THE TOWN: Happy Blue Blood Love Triangle

SourceTALK OF THE TOWN: Happy Blue Blood Love Triangle

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