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Take care of your health trying out the all-new E-cigarettes!

Termed as the safer options among the two, e-cigarettes are quite in-demand nowadays compared to tobacco cigarettes. Many heavy smokers choose e-cigarettes as the better alternative to quit smoking than any other means because of their health-preserving abilities and less toxic chemicals.

What are E-cigarettes?

E-cigarettes are battery-operated devices that contain an eliquid that heats up with the help of a mechanism inside. This e-cigarette liquid contains nicotine, propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin and artificial flavoring.

These e-cigarettes are available in many different shapes, including old cigars, USB drives, pens or pipes. The mechanism inside is composed of a mouthpiece, battery, atomizer, sensor and eliquid solution, inhaled by the smoker who breathes in the solution. The vapors of the solution produce the sensation of real smoking without providing the actual smoke.

Take care of your health trying out the all-new E-cigarettes!

E-Cigarettes vs Normal Cigarettes: Which is Safer?

If we compare e-cigarettes with traditional tobacco cigarettes, we can easily say that e-cigarettes are 10 times safer than traditional cigarettes.

Why is that? Let’s list down a few reasons!

●      Less Toxic Chemicals in E-Cigarettes

The only chemicals in e-cigarettes are the ones in their eliquid, including nicotine, propylene glycol, and glycerin, which cause next to no harm to the human body. Additionally, these chemicals have already been approved for usage in food and cosmetics, so they shouldn’t be much of a threat.

However, when we think about tobacco smoke, beware that it’s full of disastrous chemicals. From the carcinogenic cancer-causing chemicals like hydrogen cyanide and formaldehyde to tobacco, nicotine, arsenic, ammonia, the traditional tobacco cigarettes are like a time bomb in your hand that decreases your life; with every cigarette you smoke!

●      How Many Health Issues do they Both Offer?

In comparison, if heavy tobacco smokers switch from traditional cigarettes to e-cigarettes, they will get rid of many of their health issues.

This is because there are only a few chemicals in e-cigarettes, which do not cause many diseases. But, they cannot be called completely harmless either. If children, teens or pregnant women are exposed to the e-cigarettes, it can be quite harmful to them as the e-cigarettes affect the brain development of fetuses, children and teens. However, traditional cigarettes cause many diseases, including heart diseases, lung diseases, cancer, diabetes, cataracts, stroke, asthma, and many more fatal illnesses due to the onslaught of deadly chemicals.

●      Provision of Second-Hand Smoking

If someone wants to get a boatload of diseases without the guilt of smoking, then staying with someone who smokes will do the job tremendously. This is because when tobacco cigarettes are burned, they not only harm the person smoking, but also influence the people surrounding them.

Whereas the e-cigarette vapors do not spread far from the smoker, and due to the fewer amounts of chemicals, they don’t cause much harm. However, these e-cigarettes are still new, and scientists are still working on discovering any long-term effects they might have.

●      Nicotine and its Amount

Nicotine is the primary addictive substance in all cigarettes. Traditional cigarettes have a fixed amount of nicotine that keeps on increasing, which makes quitting pretty difficult. However, e-cigarettes provide you with the opportunity to add packets of eliquid with a decreased amount of nicotine every time you smoke. This makes e-cigarettes quite convenient for heavy smokers if they are dedicated to quitting their habit. This is because they switch their tobacco smoking to vaping which allows them to effortlessly reduce their nicotine intake slowly and then stop their nasty habit for good.

●      Burning and Vaporization

Deadly gases like carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, tar and many more occur due to the burning of traditional cigarettes, which contain hazardous chemicals that are released when burned. These gases can have serious health effects on the human body as well as the environment.

The e-cigarettes offer the vaporization of eliquids that are neither deadly nor poisonous to humans or the environment, making them quite safe to use. Eliquid is heated using the heating mechanism present inside the e-cigarette, which does not promote any burning of chemicals.

Final Verdict

The above reasoning makes it quite certain that if we compare electronic cigarettes with traditional cigarettes, e-cigs are undoubtedly a much safer option. This is why e-cigarettes are the best option for heavy smokers if they want to quit their habit and take care of their health.

If you want to turn your life around and slowly get rid of smoking, then you should visit us at Terpy and get your pick at the best e-cigarettes with flavorful eliquids that’ll help you stop smoking altogether!

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