Syrian Jafar refugees on first flight to Rwanda, charities say | Political news

Syrian refugee refugees are believed to be on the list of people to be deported to Rwanda in two weeks, charities have said.

Zoe Gardner, head of the JCWI’s policy and advocacy department, says 15 Syrians have been told they will be deported. Rwanda within two weeks.

Syrian Refugee Advocacy says it believes both are refugees Syria ակում Afghanistan on that list.

Egyptians, Kurds և People from Chad are also going to be deported on a flight to Rwanda, the group added.

The allegations came as Home Secretary Pritty Patel announced on Tuesday that the government would do so. The deportation of its first migrants to Rwanda on June 14.

The Interior Ministry said it had launched formal notices of expulsion of migrants as a “final administrative step” in its partnership with the East African country.

Ms. Patel said she expects that there will still be attempts to delay the process, but she “will not hold back” from pushing the plans forward.

Boris Johnson endorsed the plans in April, saying they would mean that migrants who use illegal routes, such as canals, would be “quickly and humanely transported to a third country or country of origin.”

The policy was heavily criticized by Labor’s refugee charities, but Mr Johnson insisted that those trying to reach Britain by small boat were mostly young men who “did not run away from imminent danger”.

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The migrants stopped in the tide

Ms Gardner said one of JCWI’s clients was a Syrian who had arrived in the UK by boat.

“There is no safe way to escape from Syria. “There is no visa to apply or to register, which you can join to reach the UK,” he said.

“She was the target of the regime, she had to flee, she has two sisters living here, where would you go, what would you hope to meet?”

Data released by the Interior Ministry last week showed that the largest number of migrants fleeing Afghanistan crossed the English Channel in early 2022 after their Western allies left the country in August 2021.

One in four high-risk travelers was from Afghanistan, with figures showing that the Channel killed nearly as many Afghans (1,094) between January and March this year as in all of 2021 (1,323).

Labor Secretary of State Yvette Cooper has accused the government of “pursuing headlines regardless of reality” after the first flights to Rwanda were announced.

“Rwanda’s scheme is not aimed at curbing criminal gangs or small boat crossings, but at pursuing titles regardless of reality,” he said.

“This is a completely impractical, extorting costly, deeply non-British policy.

“There is no proper process to identify people who have been trafficked or tortured.”

Syrian Jafar refugees on first flight to Rwanda, charities say | Political news

Source Syrian Jafar refugees on first flight to Rwanda, charities say | Political news

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