Swimmer dies after sinkhole opens in pool and swallows him

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A man died in front of his friends after the swimming pool in which he was sitting drained in seconds when a sinkhole below opened.

The unnamed victim was dragged into the water yesterday when he fell into the gorge below in Karmei Yosef, Israel.

Another man, 34, barely escaped and needed treatment from paramedics on the scene for injuries to his lower body.

Footage of the scene shows swimmers – who were attending a private work party – holding onto the sides of the pool as the sinkhole swallowed everything, including inflatables.

A woman who saw the hole start to appear tried to get her friends to leave the pool. But it was too late.

She told Ynet’s news site: ‘Seconds later the ground just sank … I just saw two people disappear.’

Another witness told Israel’s Channel 12: “The water level suddenly started to recede and opened a hole, causing a vortex that swung two people inside.”

Moment pool hole opens in Karmei Yosef, Israel (Photo: Kann News)
A man dies after being sucked underground during a private pool party (Israel Fire & Rescue / Facebook)
A second man survives after removing himself from the sinkhole (Israeli police)

The search team searched for the man’s body for four hours and used Go-Pro cameras on their helmets to help them.

The rescuers had to be careful and build a support structure to prevent a second collapse.

Paramedic Uri Damari told The Jerusalem Post: ‘When I got to the scene, I saw a bullet that had opened at the bottom of the empty swimming pool.

‘People who were at the scene told me that the well suddenly opened and within a few seconds all the water from the pool had been drawn in.’

Police have opened an investigation into the death.

A helicopter was searched for other possible sinkholes in the area.

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Swimmer dies after sinkhole opens in pool and swallows him

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