Swap: UK and Israeli Contec Startups Raise £ 5.1m to Confuse AI Construction

Swapp, a British and Israeli company that leverages AI for construction planning, has raised $ 7 million in seed funding, led by Point72 Ventures and Entrée Capital, with the participation of existing investors. did.

The funds will be used to continue expanding the company’s market and expand its AI capabilities.

One-stop shop platform

Swapp’s AI solution, founded by Adi Shavit, Eitan Tsarfati and NOAM GAT, enables seamless planning, collaboration and communication between real estate developers, architects and engineers.

“Swapp’s AI solutions are groundbreaking in the area of ​​real estate development and construction planning,” said co-founder Eitan Tsarfati.

In particular, three veteran founders have sold their former venture to Autodesk, a world leader in building and construction software.

The company has developed a single platform for real estate developers and builders to develop an entire construction plan, from feasibility assessment to detailed construction documentation planning, and get started within a few weeks.

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You can control and coordinate your project

With this platform, real estate developers and builders can control all phases of the project planning process and easily tailor it to their budget and needs.

“Swapp believes that we can reinvent the architecture by automating the entire construction planning process,” said Daniel Gwak, a partner at Point72 Ventures.

“Investing in Swapp reflects our belief that using AI to streamline and optimize operations will improve the efficiency of industry developers and general contractors,” said Eran Bielski, general partner of Entrée Capital. I am doing it. “

Eitan Tsarfati adds: “For the first time in the history of construction, real estate developers and construction companies can use a single platform to build an entire construction planning project and start working within weeks instead of 9-12 months. Has already worked with some of the leading companies in the construction industry to replace the slow, tedious and inflexible construction planning process with smart, efficient and flexible planning solutions. “

Swap: UK and Israeli Contec Startups Raise £ 5.1m to Confuse AI Construction

Source link Swap: UK and Israeli Contec Startups Raise £ 5.1m to Confuse AI Construction

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