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Sustainable solutions to the driving force of conflict in the Great Lakes region

President Madam, Excellence, I use Kenya’s presidency to spotlight the Great Lakes region and make a new commitment from the Security Council to seek sustainable solutions to the driving forces of conflict in the region. Thank you for encouraging me. We would also like to thank Special Envoy Xia, Ambassador Caholo and ASG Kobee for their briefings.

I focus my intervention on three issues. Eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo; and natural resources.

First, Britain continues to work deeply on promoting the long-term peace and stability of the Great Lakes.

To reduce the threat of armed groups on the Great Lakes, all parties should prioritize facilitating dialogue and strengthening credibility.

We strongly welcome improved bilateral relations between regional states and encourage the continuation of regular bilateral communication with the United Nations, including at the head of state level, and especially over concerns in the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo. ..

The UK is grateful for the work of Special Envoy Xia and is ready to assist him in supporting the dialogue process and confidence building. In this regard, we urge local leaders to attend directly relevant meetings wherever possible to enable frank exchange of views on the common challenges facing the Great Lakes region.

British President Madam remains deeply concerned about the security and humanitarian conditions in the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo, which continues to deteriorate despite the siege of North Kivu and Ituri. I repeatedly urge the Government of the Democratic Republic of the Congo to ensure that the siege is transparent, timed, and respected for human rights and humanitarian law.

The United Kingdom recognizes the establishment of a liaison and coordination group on non-military measures as an important step towards strengthening security cooperation in the region. We support the Secretary-General’s recommendation to promptly establish an operating cell for the Group to ensure the effective implementation of the Action Plan.

Third, natural resources. The concept notes and many interventions of today’s conference have identified the illegal exploitation and trade of natural resources as a driving force for conflict and instability. Thanks to Kenya for successfully leading the Presidential Statement on this issue.

We also congratulate the Great Lakes Regional Conference, Special Envoys and the Government of Sudan for holding a high-level workshop in Khartoum and agreeing on a coherent approach for participants to tackle the illegal exploitation and trade of natural resources. ..

The UK is encouraging local governments to play a role by tackling corruption and strengthening national efforts to improve the rule of law and domestic taxation.

We are deeply concerned that the UN DRC Expert Group has been on hold since August. This allows the Group to provide concrete and practical reports on the illegal smuggling of natural resources in the region, which is of great value to local and international stakeholders dedicated to addressing this issue. I can’t do it anymore.

In conclusion, President Madam will not only continue to focus on the development of natural resources, but will also discuss and address other priorities such as human rights, good governance, freedom of expression and civil liberties to reduce conflict. I would like to emphasize its importance. Promote peace on the Great Lakes.

Thank you, President Madam.

Sustainable solutions to the driving force of conflict in the Great Lakes region

SourceSustainable solutions to the driving force of conflict in the Great Lakes region

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