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Prince Harry and Megan got married in May 2018, and within a few months tensions between them and the other royal families began to rise.

march 2019: My household

Buckingham Palace has announced that a new household will be established for the Duke of Sussex and the Duchess in the spring.

The Queen allowed the couple to set up a new office at Buckingham Palace with their own staff, apart from the office they had previously shared with Cambridge in Kensington Palace.

The report also originally suggested a couple Requested their office to be completely independent of Buckingham Palace, But this was denied.

June 2019: Split from Royal Foundation

Duke and Duke Duchess It was to set up its own charitable foundation, separate from the Royal Foundation and the Duchess of Cambridge.

A clue to further scrutinize Sussexes’ future career path. Details of the direction they were headed came in September when the new foundation, Sussex Royal, helped launch an initiative to raise awareness and promote sustainable travel.

October 2019: Megan discusses ITV

Reveal that she was warned before getting married Prince Harry Megan said the British tabloid would “destroy” her lifeSpeaking frankly About the pressure of her new life.

“It was complicated,” she told Harry’s 20-year friend Tom Bradby in an ITV interview. When the broadcaster asked Megan about her physical and mental health effects, it created a very noticeable moment.

“Not many people ask me if I’m okay, so thank you for asking,” she said.

Megan added that he “really tried” to adopt “the British sensibility of the stiff upper lip”, but thought that “what it does internally would probably hurt.”

January 2020: “We are retreating

Harry and Megan have announced plans to resign from senior royal positions in order to be financially independent. This is a move that has surprised the general public, and obviously Buckingham Palace.

“After months of reflection and internal debate, we chose to start opening up a progressive new role within the institution this year,” the couple said.

The statement after the palace released has a slightly different picture. “The discussion between the Duke of Sussex and the Duchess is in its infancy. I understand their desire to take a different approach, but these are complex issues and take time to resolve.”

However, the BBC reported the next day that the royal family was “hurt” by the announcement. Citing sources at Buckingham Palace, the broadcaster said Prince Harry and Prince Megan did not consult with any royal family about making their personal statements, and that the other royals were “blind.”

In an immediate discussion of the royal crisis, the Queen summoned a senior royal family to a summit in Sandlingham to discuss what the new reality means for Sussex.

Prior to the meeting, the Duke of Cambridge reportedly expressed sadness over tension.The brothers were now “another entity” Prince William It was said that he wanted the problem to be resolved so that the royal family could play as a “team” again.

… But There is no transaction in Royal Summit

A statement issued on behalf of the Queen explained how there was a “constructive debate” at the summit, as if judging a meeting of opposing factions.

“We wanted them to remain full-time members of the royal family, but we want to live a more independent life as a family while remaining an important part of my family. We respect and understand their aspirations, “he said.

But the report and briefing cast the summit results in a different way. The couple were said to have been informed that they could no longer formally represent the Queen. The couple were told, “You can’t have it in both ways,” and chose not to be constrained “by some sort of review process” in the contract they signed.

A few days later, Prince Harry will express his sorrow About the couple’s decision to resign from the royal duty, saying he made a “leap of faith”. He said he didn’t downplay the decision, but “there was no other option.”

February 2021

Tensions between the palace and the now-Los Angeles-based couple reappeared at the end of a year-old review of their position, months after the Covid-19 influence slowed the evolution of “Brand Sussex.” It was.

Couple Will not come back as a working member of the royal familyThe palace said, they also added that they would give up their royal patronage.

Sussexes immediately replied, “We are devoted to our obligations and service to the United Kingdom.” However, one particular line was seen as cocking a snook in the direction of the palace. The service is universal. “

Sussexes v Buckingham Palace: Royal Crisis Timeline | Prince Harry

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