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Supporting an ongoing ICC prosecutor’s investigation in Libya

Thank you, President.

Thank you, President, for explaining to Prosecutor Mrs. Bensuda today about her 21st report on the situation in Libya.

The United Kingdom welcomes recent political progress in Libya, including the appointment of the Provisional National Unity Government (GNU). As stated in UNSCR 2570, this government is responsible for making the necessary preparations for the comprehensive, transparent and credible presidential and parliamentary elections of December 24, 2002. As part of the process of ensuring a sustainable political solution, GNU needs to begin the following process: Providing accountability and justice for national reconciliation and atrocities crimes, I encourage GNU to work with the Public Prosecutor’s Office to achieve these goals and promote the work of the United Nations Fact-Finding Team in Libya.

However, despite this development, we are seriously concerned about continuing to report human rights abuses and abuses. The UK fully supports the Public Prosecutor’s Office’s call to withdraw all foreign troops and mercenaries from Libya without delay, and crimes committed by these foreign troops and mercenaries may come under the jurisdiction of the ICC. .. Britain condemns all illegal violence committed by Libyan and foreign military and mercenaries, especially against civilians.

Despite the October 2020 ceasefire agreement, prosecutors say indiscriminate attacks on civilians continue, including the assassination of activists and human rights defenders. The UK has accused the murder of lawyer Hanan Alvarasi in Benghazi on November 10 and is seeking a complete, immediate and transparent investigation in collaboration with the United Nations fact-finding team in Libya. It also calls for greater protection, especially for women’s human rights advocates.

The security and judiciary department remains dysfunctional. Both prosecutors and human rights groups have evidence of widespread use of militia violence against refugees and migrants, including torture, physical violence, gender-based violence, forced labor, deprivation of food and water, and the killing of detainees. It continues to be documented. ..

We urge GNU to take note of the prosecutor’s report, put an end to the crimes committed in detention centers, and investigate the crimes committed in Mitiga and Gernada detention centers. GNU must also investigate and address violence against women and girls, including the fate of female detainees at the Al-Kuweifya Detention Center, which remains unknown.

The UK has made it clear that civilians must be protected in conflict and those responsible for violations of international law must be held liable. We are deeply shocked by the continued discovery of mass graves in Tarhunah and southern Tripoli. It was reportedly related to the abduction and killing of the Alkaniyat militia, which Britain designated under the Libyan sanctions regime on May 13. I encourage GNU to take all possible actions to hold it accountable.

President, we thank the prosecutor for her latest information on the proceedings against Mr. Kadafi, Mr. Al-Welfari, and Mr. Al-Tuhami. The alleged murder of Al Welfari before being brought to justice only highlights the atmosphere of ongoing impunity in Libya. Libyan authorities need to not only investigate the alleged deaths of Al-Welfari and Al-Tuhami, but also take the necessary steps to arrest Kadafi and hand him over to court. We reiterate our request to all relevant states, including Statutes of Rome and non-Party, to cooperate with the ICC in the arrest and surrender of guaranteed individuals.

The UK is committed to providing full support for the ongoing prosecutor’s investigation in Libya. This becomes even more important at this important time in the political process.

Thank you, President.

Supporting an ongoing ICC prosecutor’s investigation in Libya

SourceSupporting an ongoing ICC prosecutor’s investigation in Libya

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