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Super Helpful Tips to Get Your Crush to Fall For You!

With hundreds of books on tricks that allow women to get the attention of men they like, and thousands of techniques helping men seduce women, the question of how to safely and make someone crave for you without a chance of failure?

After all, you want him to be intrigued, all the time returning his thoughts to you, wanting to call and meet again, finally – wanting you? Then let’s play naughty!

Well, sometimes it can be hard to determine which exact  hook or gesture will work with this exact person. Fortunatelly, there are universal ideas that will help anyone, from gay men in Leicester to business women in Manchester make their crush spend days thinking about them, wanting to call and meet again.


You probably know about such a technique as mirroring posture and gestures of your interlocutor. This method is great to set you both on the same wavelength and create in another person a feeling that he is understood well. However, this technique is similar to a very delicate kind of art, and can easily go wrong if you do it roughly and noticeably. And instead of being fascinated, the person you want to attract will simply laugh at you deep inside.

That’s why we recommend you try out a more subtle form of this NLP trick – breathing mirroring, which means that you simply have to inhale every time your interlocutor takes a breath. Usually, a person speaks as he exhales.

If a person is silent, his breathing is still easy to notice, you just have to look at the top of his shoulder for a while. From the outside it will seem that you just simply fell into a muse.

Being a good listener

Even if you are a very good storyteller, you’d better take a listening position at first. People from local girls in a small town to travel bloggers who’ve been all around the world know their life and stories deserve to be heard and like to talk about themselves. Especially about their victories.

That’s why, no matter how trite it may sound, be attentive and look your interlocutor in the eyes! It has been proven that if eye contact is less than 30%, then the interlocutor feels that something is being hidden from him.

But what is to be remembered here is that it is not enough to just demonstrate interest: it can be instantly seen. So make sure you are genuinely interested in the person next to you! Ask more questions, give him or her a chance to show off in front of you. At the same time, you will understand whether it is worth continuing to communicate further, or if this is not the one and only for you.

Avoiding interviewing

It is no secret that the London, Birmingham, or Dudley dating nowadays turns simply into something very similar to job interviews, with an incessant flow of questions from one side and another.

That’s why to make the first time you see each other a really pleasant romantic date, rather than an interrogation, try to be more insightful and determine what topics your interlocutor supports willingly, and which ones are unpleasant for him to talk about. It’s common knowledge that it’s undesirable to discuss material well-being and former relationships. What might really bring back warm memories and make a person feel at ease is talking about his or her childhood and memories connected with it.


There is a phenomenon that is called a spontaneous transfer of qualities. It means that everything that you say to others affects their perception of you. In other words: if you tell a man that he is incredibly handsome, then you will automatically become more beautiful in his eyes.

So listen carefully to what he or she is talking about and make conclusions about the kind of partner he or she prefers, and then compliment these particular qualities. This will help you make him or her see in you the same good things as, for example, intelligence, sense of humour, or whatever you compliment him on.


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