Sunset Maya Van der sold “one day at a time” 38 weeks after death

Maya Van der told fans, “I’m taking one day at a time,” after suffering a tragic suffering from stillbirth earlier this month.

39-year-old selling sunset star I lost my third child at 38 weeks gestation I previously shared her devastation on Instagram.

In her first post since she shared the sad news, Maya speaks frankly about her grief, writing, “This isn’t the Christmas Eve I had imagined.”

She continued with pictures of herself, her husband Dave and her two children: Two weeks have passed since I lost my child.

Maya told the fans: “I have never experienced sorrow like this.”

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“I’m laughing at the pictures, but I have to tell you, it was difficult. I’ve never experienced sorrow like this.

“Our family takes it one day at a time and we are doing our best for our children. Thank you for your kindness and message.

“We are grateful to the children and know that it’s okay.”

Closing the post with a rainbow emoji, Maya added: After the storm came [rainbow].. “

Maya shares her two children with her husband
Maya shares her two children with her husband

Maya Selling Sunset co-stars immediately shared their love and support in the comments, and Series 4 rookie Vanessa Villela wrote: I will send you a big hug. “

Heather Young added: [heart emojis] I miss you. “

Maya told fans that she lost her baby on December 10. Post a photo of the “memory box” she was discharged from..

Maya believers shared their condolences
Maya followers shared their condolences when she shared news of her loss earlier this month.

She wrote in the caption: “Yesterday was the hardest day of my life. I had a stillbirth in 38 weeks.

“I’ve always heard that, but I never imagined it would be part of the statistics. Instead of giving birth to a baby, I go home with a memory box … to whom I am Doesn’t want this either.

“The regular weekly health checkup turned into a nightmare I never imagined.

“Given I’m sharing my pregnancy at the show, I knew I should post about this and avoid the question” When is your due date? ” You are a baby mason who is always in our hearts. “

Maya’s pregnancy was featured at Selling Sunset, and in Season 4, viewers saw her announce her pregnancy with baby Mason.

For stillbirth support, Visit the Sands website..

Sunset Maya Van der sold "one day at a time" 38 weeks after death

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