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Summer Transfer Window for Manchester United Closing Soon

Summer isn’t the only thing that will be coming to a close soon, so too will the summer 2021 transfer window for Manchester United. And as you’d expect the rumour mill is in full swing at this point, both with old news and hot new gossip. There are plenty of intriguing possibilities out there in the press at the moment, but it’s still not yet clear what if any moves will be made.

So, let’s get a round-up of all the most trending transfer window rumours and gossip for Manchester United.

Harry Kane – Does He Have His Sights Set on Manchester?

One of the rumours circulating is that the Tottenham Hotspur Harry Kane might have his eyes focused on Manchester United. He has been one to watch for quite some time and is currently sporting the captain’s armband. He’s won the title of the top scorer and the best player for Tottenham for the past seven seasons now, which has built him a very good reputation. But here’s the thing, he’s still got three years left on his current contract with Tottenham, but that doesn’t necessarily close the door.

There are some rumours that Kane may be feeling some pressure to build his personal collection of win trophies before his career wraps up. Kane is 28 years old, which isn’t “old” by any stretch of the imagination, but he’s no longer at the start of his career. There is a possibility that he wants to make a big move and position himself with a winning club.

Could There Be a Snag with Eduardo Camavinga?

There was plenty of talk about having Eduardo Camavinga join Manchester but now it looks like the talks have either cooled or hit a bit of a pause or snag. As of late last week, the Daily Star on Sunday was reporting that Camavinga was now “unlikely” to make a move and will instead stick with Rennes. The rumoured plan had been for Manchester to sell 10 players, which would then free up the funds needed to secure Camavinga and another big player – Kieran Trippier.

Of course, Manchester isn’t the only team eyeing Camavinga, as this 18-year-old is catching the eye of several top clubs at the moment.

Manchester Throws Cold Water on the Kieran TrippierRumours

It has now become clear that Manchester will not be acquiring Kieran Trippier, which has disappointed some fans. Trippier is a defender with Atletico Madrid, and as of right now it seems to be a money thing. Atletico Madrid is currently asking £30m for Trippier, and they aren’t showing any signs of moving on that number.

Raphael Varane – Getting Ready for His First Week

Then there is Raphael Varane who will be ushering in his first week with Manchester United. This is no longer a rumour, as a transfer took place last week. The transfer is worth £43million and has generated a fair amount of excitement from the fans and the club itself. The deal got so much buzz that even superstar footballer Cristiano Ronaldo took notice and send Varane a congratulatory message on Instagram.

What About the Players Leaving Manchester?

While the rumour mill is hot with gossip about who may be coming to Manchester, there is also talk of who is exiting. Some of the names that are being thrown out there include Paul Pogba, Amad Diallo, Andreas Pereira, Jesse Lingard, Phil Jones, and Brandon Williams to name a few.

Get Your Fan Gear to Kick Off the Season

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There is a lot of excitement and built-up anticipation surrounding this year’s team with the hopes it will be a great season. It’s the kind of excitement level that fans haven’t felt in quite some time now, especially considering this is the first time games will be played to a full house crowd in a year and a half.

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It’s Going to be an Exciting Couple of Weeks

As the transfer window draws near to the close on August 31, expect for it to be an exciting and potentially bumpy last couple of weeks. There still may be some big news to come, so fans will want to pay close attention to any leaks and announcements.

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