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Studies suggest that 4 in 10 British people want garlic in every diet

It’s love at first sight for British garlic fans. Research has shown that 40% want this ingredient in every diet.

A survey of 2,000 adults found that the average British uses about 250 cloves a year for food. This is about half the cloves of garlic per day.


The average respondent also found that 30% of their diet contained garlic.Credit: Getty
Almost one in ten (9%) of respondents even bought garlic-flavored chewing gum when it went on sale.


Almost one in ten (9%) of respondents even bought garlic-flavored chewing gum when it went on sale.Credits: Getty-Contributors

Some garlic lovers even add spicy ingredients to gravy, full English breakfasts, potato chips and wine.

Overall, 71% love unmistakable vegetables. Swansea is the capital of British garlic, ahead of Oxford, London, Plymouth, Southampton and Leeds.

However, there are age differences in terms of ingredients. According to a Deliveroo survey, 82% of people aged 18-24 love it, compared to only 64% of people aged 65 and over.

The average respondent also revealed that 30% of their diet contained garlic, and despite criticism of bad breath, 36% were willing to kiss those who ate it.

Incredibly, 1 in 10 (9%) will buy even if they sell garlic-flavored chewing gum.


Credit: SWNS

Also, the most popular garlic meal is garlic bread, followed by chicken kiev, dough balls with garlic butter, steak with garlic butter, chicken and garlic with fresh herbs.

The top 10 garlic-based meals are garlic and cheese pizza, spinach and garlic spaghetti, garlic lemon shrimp, garlic mash, and garlic butter shrimp linguine.

Deliveroo conducted a survey prior to Monday’s National Garlic Day to determine how much people love garlic and how flavorful ingredients are used in many great foods.

Order data from Deliveroo supports a study showing that garlic bread, garlic dough balls, and garlic naan are one of the most popular aspects that British people order on takeaway.

A spokesperson for Deliveroo said: ..


Credit: SWNS

“Garlic is one of the best edible gifts the world has to offer, so we want to provide the right spotlight in the name of great food.

“It’s a cupboard staple and kitchen hero for millions of households. I hope families across the country will be dressed in some special garlic on Monday.”

The survey also found that 37 percent did not say that there was too much garlic, while 43 percent did not understand how some people disliked the ingredient.

A quarter (26%) said they added whole garlic bulbs to the recipe.
However, love and hatred for vegetables can create tension, and 21% of people surveyed through OnePoll admit that they discussed with their partners how much garlic to eat.

To celebrate National Garlic Day, Deliveroo has created an infographic that highlights the hotspots of British garlic.

A spokesperson for Deliveroo said:

“This is a level up for many meals. It tastes good, has health benefits, and some also act as an aphrodisiac. If you were looking for an excuse to put extra cloves in a pot today, three There is. “

Deliveroo’s most popular garlic-based meal, according to customer order data for the last 12 months

1 dough ball “Pizza Express”, with garlic butter of Pizza Express
2 Dishoom Garlic Nan
3 Shake Shack garlic roasted mayonnaise fries
4 Garlic bread with mozzarella cheese from Rudy’s
5 Za’atar, garlic, honey, Sidechick olive oil lemon chicken
6 Selfish chili garlic salt and edamame
7 Takeria Garlic Mushroom Quesadilla
8 Oowee vegan garlic butter waffle fries
9 smack cucumbers with fresh garlic sauce from Xi’an Impression
Pho garlic steak Pho noodle soup 10 pieces

Studies suggest that 4 in 10 British people want garlic in every diet

SourceStudies suggest that 4 in 10 British people want garlic in every diet

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