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Studies show what happens if China treats Covid like the United States

Studies claim that if China discontinues its Zero Covid 19 policy and opens its economy like some Western nations, it will suffer from hundreds of thousands of infectious diseases every day, overwhelming the healthcare system.

The uneasy prediction came from a group of researchers at Beijing University in Beijing. They calculated the numbers to see how big the outbreak of Covid-19 China would be if they adopted the policies that some Western countries had. Their predictions were based on factors such as vaccination intake, population size and density, with reference to the United States, United Kingdom, Israel, Spain and France.

Beijing’s current approach aimed at preventing the domestic circulation of the virus includes strict control of international travel and the imposition of quarantine to eradicate local case clusters. If it is dropped in favor of a more generous approach, “there is a real possibility of a huge outbreak, which will almost certainly cause an affordable burden on the healthcare system,” researchers said. rice field. Said..

The study estimates that when the US-deployed open strategy is adopted, China records as many as 637,155 infections per day, of which 22,364 show serious symptoms. Following the UK’s initiative, China could record 275,793 and 9,680 severe daily infections per day. And they were low estimates based on optimistic assumptions about things like the quality of innate immunity developed in unvaccinated patients.

The authors argued that China “should not and cannot afford” overconfidence to withdraw its current Covid-19 policy. “More efficient vaccination or more specific treatment, [and] A combination of both is desirable to safely lift immigration quarantine measures and other Covid-19 response strategies in China. “

This study was published in the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention publication, China CDC Weekly. A few days after a Bloomberg.com rebuke article accused Beijing of hindering the recovery of the global economy due to its approach to Covid-19.

Guy Platten, Secretary-General of the International Chamber of Shipping, told business news agencies about the health restrictions imposed by the world’s largest exporters by “causing a knock-on effect” on the world. He mentioned delays in sea shipping from China due to his zero tolerance stance on Covid-19. “Restrictions on the operation of vessels have a cumulative impact on the supply chain and cause real disruption,” says Platten.


Studies show what happens if China treats Covid like the United States

SourceStudies show what happens if China treats Covid like the United States

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