Studeo Secures Pre-Seed Investment of £ 960,000 From Investors Including Jenson Funding Partners and Sequoia – UK Technology Investment News

Tuesday 24th May 2022 – Studeo, the mentoring app developed in line with students adapting to distance learning during the pandemic, received a $ 1.2 million investment from both sides of the Atlantic. The company secured capital from investors including the UK startup investor Jenson’s financing partner and US venture capital firm Sequoia.

Traditional tutoring presents an accessibility gap, both in terms of obstacles to high costs and the physical location of private lessons. This makes additional studies out of the reach of low-income families.

Taking advantage of the familiarity that students now have with distance learning, Studeo recreates the tutoring experience in a convenient and accessible digital format at any time. Users can choose a tutor based on their credentials, which are provided within the platform.

And while some studies have noted a disconnect with students at home, with only 34% of UK students say they feel motivated to learn from a distance, Studeo has taken this into account in its offer. To improve student engagement, the platform summarized the topics in short videos (up to five minutes long). Each lesson also includes in-video exercises and included questions.

The company currently focuses on math, but plans to use the investment to support expansion into the sciences, with physics, biology, chemistry and information technology all in the pipeline. Studeo intends to go beyond the current UK and French markets as the product develops to meet the needs of its growing user base and has focused on emerging markets.

Nicolas Levanowsky, founder and CEO of Studeo, says: “There is a serious gap in the quality of education available to students. Tutoring costs between £ 50 and £ 150 per session, so a huge portion of the population simply cannot afford tutors in the traditional format. This is why we have created an affordable template with a digital design. Having Jenson’s full support and now joining the Sequoia throttle, we are excited about the way to go. “

Jeffrey Faustin, CIO and partner of Jenson Funding Partners, adds: “We have seen an incredible amount of innovation in direct response to the pandemic, especially when it comes to education. We are proud to support Nicolas, Antonin and the Studeo team as they aim to democratize mentoring and have a positive impact on society. “


About Jenson Funding Partners LLP

Jenson Funding Partners is the accessible startup investment firm specializing in working with founders during their early stage of growth, from pre-seed to Series A. Its diverse and experienced team understands what a business needs in every phase and combine rapidly distributed capital with hands-on support to successfully scale the companies in their portfolios and deliver returns to investors. Jenson Funding Partners has launched five SEIS and four EIS Funds.

We are now in our thirteenth tranche and have invested more than £ 18.5 million in over 110 UK entrepreneurial companies which have typically launched their product or service and are typically close to or following revenue. In addition, we have supported 25 successive funding rounds, all at a premium over the initial launch cost based on external evaluations. Jenson Funding Partners LLP is the manager of Jenson SEIS and EIS funds and is licensed by the UK Financial Conduct Authority (“FCA”) and its FCA registration number is 820516.

About Studeo

Barriers to access to education are at the highest level. A shortage of teachers, particularly in math and science, plagues schools around the world, and the government’s tight budgets make it difficult to compete for talent. While families with the means can opt for private schools, move to neighborhoods with better state schools, or pay for expensive elite tutoring, these are options 99% of the population simply cannot afford. By combining best-in-class instructors and proven learning methods in a digital platform, Studeo co-founders Nicolas Levanowsky and Antonin De Laever and their team are enabling more students to learn from the best.

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Studeo Secures Pre-Seed Investment of £ 960,000 From Investors Including Jenson Funding Partners and Sequoia – UK Technology Investment News

Source link Studeo Secures Pre-Seed Investment of £ 960,000 From Investors Including Jenson Funding Partners and Sequoia – UK Technology Investment News

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