Strictly’s Rose Ayling-Ellis replaces partner Giovanni Pernice during the tour

Rose Eyring Ellis Seen to exchange her winning partner Giovanni Pernice For another dance during the rehearsal Please come to dance strictly trip.

Eastenders Actress Rose, 27, won the strict winner’s heart and glitter ball trophy in the latest series of BBC programs.

Despite her success with Italian dancer Giovanni, 31, Rose was found dancing with another partner prior to the start of the tour on Thursday, January 20th.

Post to with a clip Janet Manrara’s In the Instagram story, you can see her dancing with the runner-up and British Bake Off star John Waite.

Rose and Giovanni scooped the Gliterball trophy in the latest Strictly series

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When Janet, 38, is filming a dancer rehearsing with someone else, she asks from behind the camera, “What’s really happening?”

“All the couples got angry,” she panned the camera and declared Max George dancing hand in hand with Mage Smith, Tilly Ramsey and Reese Stevenson.

“They exchanged everything,” Janet added. “The crazy partner swap ever!”

She then began to judge their move by telling TV host Rhys, “Oh, what a lift! Oh, John!”

Janet asked, “What’s happening?” When the dancer exchanged partners.
I saw Rose and John dancing together

It comes as Rose has revealed plans to use her fame forever, as Rose supports a bill that makes British Sign Language the official language of England.

She tells The Big Issue:

“BSL is not legally an official language in this country, which is ridiculous, because BSL is a very beautiful and rich language with its own structure, its own grammar, and its own slang. There is also an accent.

“It’s about protecting the language. The history of signatures is very long. We’ve come a long way. Once upon a time, in schools for hearing-impaired children, they let them sit in their hands. Or whipping for a signature. “”

Tilly and Rhys also showed off their skills
Rose uses her newly discovered fame forever

She added, “There is so much trauma in our history, but it also has a very rich history. When it comes to the official language we have fought for many years, it becomes very emotional to us. At BSL these days, because of great interest, many do not understand how much the Deaf community has fought. “

Rose was also proud that the Deaf community was a publicly respectable person.

“I’m from the world of hearing. People who grew up in the world of hearing loss have role models, but they aren’t very public,” she added. “So I’m very happy that hearing-impaired children have someone they respect now – I can’t believe it’s me.

“Watch a video of a little girl dancing and watching me on TV. Some girls have begun to wear their hair to show off their hearing aids, while others have children at school asking what are the signs of this. It’s cool to be deaf. And I love it for kids. Is it cool to be deaf? Great! “

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Strictly's Rose Ayling-Ellis replaces partner Giovanni Pernice during the tour

Source link Strictly's Rose Ayling-Ellis replaces partner Giovanni Pernice during the tour

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