Strictly’s Nikita Kuzmin wraps his arm around Maisie Smith as he leaves the tour rehearsal

Please come to dance strictlyWith Nikitakuzmin Mage Smith When they left the tour rehearsal, they were drawn looking closer.

The pair had just finished practicing the tour as Nikita walked around the EastEnders star with his arms crossed.

Although it wasn’t affiliated during the performance, it seems that it has been approaching since the rehearsal began.

Maisie drafted at the last minute Replace AJO du du on tour due to injury, They seemed to laugh and joking with Strictlypro as they walked down the street.

All the professionals and celebrities involved often share what they enjoy together. Maisie seems to be in perfect harmony with the other casts.

Strictly Nikita Kuzmin wrapped his arm around Mage Smith as he left the rehearsal.
Maisie participated in the 2020 series and took part in a live tour

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While having fun together, Nikita was warmly wrapped in a black blowfish jacket overlaid on a beige hoody.

He finished his look with a black jogger with a white sweatshirt and cap.

Maisie walked by him, looking great in a matching workout with a crop top, a black hoodie and a white trainer.

The actress covered her face with a face mask and returned her hair to the bun.

The two seemed to enjoy each other’s company
After that, Macy left alone

The pair shared a video of the two on Instagram to show that they were hanging out between rehearsals.

They filmed themselves in the gym, and Maisie sat down and exercised one after another, laughing at the camera.

“The idea was better than the execution,” Nikita said.

Nikita will dance with Tilly Ramsey on tour after impressing the judges through the latest series.

Nikita and Maisie will be on a Strictly tour
Nikita has a girlfriend who lives in Germany
Maisie is in good harmony with other Strictly gangs

He has a German girlfriend, Nicole Wort, who often post pictures of each other on social media pages.

This is despite rumors that Tilly and Nikita during the show could be more than just friends.

But at the time, Tilly said, “We’re just having fun. I think people are just crazy about the curse, but they don’t seem to realize we can be just good friends. And that’s it. All of us. People seem to forget it.

Maisie was drafted at the last minute on behalf of AJ Odudu on the tour
Maisie recently left EastEnders

“I said I was here to learn dancing from the beginning, and that’s it.”

Meanwhile, Maisie will partner with professional dancer Kai Widdrington throughout the tour after being invited to join just before.

Kai originally teamed up with AJ, but he had to get out of the final and seems to haven’t recovered from his injury yet.

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Strictly's Nikita Kuzmin wraps his arm around Maisie Smith as he leaves the tour rehearsal

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