Strictly’s Dan Walker reveals that he’s secretly voting for Rose Eyring Ellis to win the show

Strictly come to dance Star Dan Walker He secretly revealed that he was voting for his rivals Eastenders actress Rose Eyring Ellis He “thinks she’s great” so to win the show.

NS BBC breakfast The organizer, 44, admitted to secretly voting for 27-year-old Rose. She considers it suitable for the glitter ball trophy because she is navigating the competition without hearing.

He has a personal experience of hearing loss and is grateful for the challenges she faces.

He said mirror: “My dad is deaf, and I know how difficult it is for Rose.

“So to do what she’s doing with Giovanni [Pernice], It’s amazingly impressive. And she is also a very nice girl. “

Strictly Come Dancing Dan Walker reveals that he is secretly voting for Rose to win the show

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The popular TV presenter continued. “Last week, their dance, their couple’s choice … I was sitting next to Nadiya, who was in tears. It’s one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen on TV.

“The next day, I saw it about five times with my kids. I think she’s amazing.

“And … I know I probably shouldn’t, but I vote for her every week.”

Dan talked a lot during the show and earlier this month He bumped into a critic of Strictly Come Dancing asking, “Is he still in the show?”..

Dan says Rose thinks it’s “great”

The BBC star has been criticized for his dancing abilities for several weeks, but recently defended his 240,000 followers on Instagram.

He states: “Every week, I get thousands of messages from people who love the show and really enjoy watching @ nadiyabychkova teach me how to dance.”

“When I was watching closely in the past, I liked to meet not only great dancers, but also people who learned to love it and are working on improvements every week. This is a TV show and at the World Championships. is not.”

“I never thought I could do some of what Nadia taught me. She gave me the confidence that I thought I was far beyond myself. I want to learn as much dance as possible.” He continued.

Strictly Come Dancing Star Dan Walker countered criticisms about his remaining competition

Dan and Nadia will play rumba at tonight’s show

He finished his post in a rebellious mood: “Anyway … in American Smooth. Whoever you vote for this weekend … I hope you enjoy the show. I’m Continue it with a big smile on his face. “

This weekend, Dan and Nadia will be rumba to Desperado by the Eagles. This is a dance that has proven difficult for many celebrities over the years.

Strictly's Dan Walker reveals that he's secretly voting for Rose Eyring Ellis to win the show

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