Strictly’s AJ Odudu shows off his toned physique in a Vietnamese bikini

StrictlyAJ Odudu She showed off her incredible abdominal muscles as she continued to shoot new work projects in Vietnam.

The TV moderator, 33, is currently working on a new Channel 4 project in the country. She was forced to withdraw from the live tour strictly due to an ankle injury..

While she was updating her followers while traveling, the star showed off her incredible appearance when she posed in an orange bikini, and she was “eaten by mosquitoes” during her visit. I admitted that.

In the first photo, you can see AJ smiling at the two cameras as he leans against the wall with a mug.

The second photo is a close-up of her paw, creamed on her insect bite while she captions the image. “If mosquitoes can’t eat it, are you abroad?”

AJ showed off his impressive abdominal muscles in a Vietnamese orange bikini

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Some of AJ’s famous friends praised her for stacey Dooley’s writing:

While Catherine Tillsley commented, “Look at those abdominal muscles !!!” followed by a series of fire and heart emojis.

It’s not the first skin problem AJ faced while on a business trip.

When she landed in Vietnam last week, she shared with her fans how she was suffering from an allergic reaction to a face mask before arriving.

After that, AJ posted a magnified photo of the mosquito bite.

Upon waking up at the hotel, AJ posted a video for fans explaining her new work a bit, reacting to beauty products, and then looking for “allergy recommendations.”

AJ explains: “Honey, I woke up in Vietnam. That is, I have a room with views and everything, but now it’s cloudy.

“I’m very excited because I’m planning to stay at this quarantine hotel for 7 days before shooting Channel 4.”

She then added, “New Year, new show, new allergic reaction.”

AJ Odudu tried to laugh at it, explaining how he had an allergic reaction to the face mask.

She explained: “Yes, I had an allergic reaction to one of my face masks while traveling, my face was burning, itchy and dry. It’s the worst sensation I’ve ever had.”

She continued: “I can’t jump into my boots. I don’t think there are boots here, but I can’t jump into them even if I have them, so I’ll order ice and bring a hay fever pill. I think it is necessary.

“It’s okay, it’s okay, I’m going to ignore it. My face is just a mess. I feel terrible.”

She told her fans, “You don’t have to see this, it’s not worth it,” before laughing.

When AJ Odudu arrived in Vietnam, he showed off his abdominal muscles in a self-portrait in the mirror.

She concluded that: Allergy recommendations, hit me! “

Not long after, AJ found a solution to the allergy problem. She seems to have been posing for a mirror selfie in some black shorts and an orange crop top.

Publishing the latest information on her reaction, she writes:

“I’m also taking antihistamines,” she added.

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Strictly's AJ Odudu shows off his toned physique in a Vietnamese bikini

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