Strictly’s AJ Odudu says “nothing will be on top” when he first meets Kai

AJ Odudu states, “There is nothing new.” Meet her professional dance partner Kai Widlington first time.

Stars are currently competing Strictly come to dance And when she was attending The One Show on Friday, November 12, she said nothing beats her first interaction with Kai.

When asked about her exact highlights so far, AJ said:

She added, “I didn’t feel that way,” when she first danced on the Strictly dance floor and played Jive to Gold Dust, and described it as “great.”

Last week, AJ wept and thanked Kai for playing with confidence after struggling to train.

AJ Odudu said there was nothing better than meeting Kai Widdrington

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The pair has scored some impressive scores, scoring 39 out of 40 from the Charleston judges last week.

Judge Shirley Bassey gave them 10 points, but she said she wished they could be given higher points.

Some think they have broken through the leaderboard more than once and have no need to face dance yet, allowing the couple to win the entire tournament.

They are also strictly the subject of romance rumors.

AJ and Kai have not yet confirmed their romance But they also do not deny the possibility when they were burned in the subject.

AJ Odudu says Kai taught me not only how to dance but also how to act
The pair caused rumors of romance

At one particular moment they caused rumors, AJ’s niece and nephew visited her while she was training during a clip before the Halloween performance.

She really liked Kai who caused her when she explained why she liked the show A nephew asking why she didn’t kiss him.

The pair laughed it off, but the viewers didn’t retreat to their possible romance.

The following week, host Claudia Winkleman burned another pair about their flowering relationship.

Strictly Come Dancing contestant AJ Odudu wept on Saturday as she and her pro partner Kai Widlington beat the Strictly Leaderboard with 39 points.
The pair broke through the leaderboard last week

After a Sweet Movie Week dance to Whitney Houston’s “I Have Nothing,” the host asked Kai if he would kiss AJ.

Kai agreed that it was a good time, but said he would wait for the results, but eventually kissed AJ.

This weekend, the pair is set to run the Game of Survival from Pasodoble by Rue.

Strictly's AJ Odudu says "nothing will be on top" when he first meets Kai

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