Strictly’s AJ Odudu asked the BBC, “Can I play in moon boots?” Before quitting the finals.

AJ Odudu Emotionally shared how long she went to dance in the final Please come to dance strictly, Before being forced to withdraw from the live show on Saturday Ankle injury..

Her devastating exit from the competition, Strictly Instagram account And the presenter shared her own emotional post.

In it, the 34-year-old thanked her partner Kai Widlington, Medical team and strictly crew.

The star shared photos of her rigorous journey, including a first press shot with Kai, a snapshot in a hospital bed, and another shot with giant medical boots and crutches.

TV star AJ Odudu shared the latest information on “how it started” and “how it’s going” with Instagram followers.

AJ told his followers she gave her everything in a heartfelt post on Instagram
AJ Odudu told his followers that he gave everything in a heartfelt post when she confirmed that she was terribly finished.

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AJ writes with Snap:

“I injected a local anesthetic directly into my foot. I’ve been tied to an ice compressor for days.”

AJ admitted that she was
Popular TV personalities suffered ankle injuries and concerns about stars increased throughout the week

The energetic TV moderator continues: “I did everything I could to get back to the finals exactly. I asked the documentation if I could play with medical moon boots, but I can’t really do it because I tore the spring ligaments. , Dance, of course, stand at your feet.

“It’s an incredible honor to learn to dance over the last 13 weeks, and Kai learns to dance with a special, patient and devoted person because it’s something I cherish forever. I was able to.”

Kai talked about traveling with Strict together
Kai, AJ’s professional dance partner, has a strong bond and is “angry” with her injury.

She added:

“Dance partners, please do your best. John waite & Johannes Radebe When Rose & Giovanni.. I will support you (with one foot). ”

AJ remained very painful as the injury recurred earlier this week. The projectile vomited.

She explained in tears Wednesday It Takes Two: “I can’t pinpoint exactly when it happened during training. In fact, after training on Monday, we felt really positive. I felt better, but the pain suddenly suddenly increased. And the projectile actually vomited. “

“I can’t stand on my right foot and I can’t stand up without crutches … and I’m really angry, I’m sorry. We were so excited on Monday that we’re really angry. I got three great dances I wanted to do. “

Strictly's AJ Odudu asked the BBC, "Can I play in moon boots?" Before quitting the finals.

Source link Strictly's AJ Odudu asked the BBC, "Can I play in moon boots?" Before quitting the finals.

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