Strictly’s AJ Odudu and Kai Widdrington finally get Perfect 40

Please come to dance strictlyof AJ Odudu Kai Widlington scored a perfect score 40 to 13 weeks after the start of the tournament.

The pair went to the dance floor for the semifinals exactly on Saturday, December 11th and blew away the judges with their performance.

Dance duos have been a strict favorite for some time, and many claim their high scores have been postponed for a long time.

Shirley Ballas described dance as “sensational,” as Craig Revel Harwood said it was “sensational.”

After receiving the good news, talking to strict host Claudia Winkleman, AJ teased that their next dance would be “very, very sensual”.

The perfect score for the pair is after the dance off last week.

AJ and Kai achieved their first perfect score in the strict semifinals

Sources said, despite this knocking on their self-confidence understood! That AJ and Kai supported each other.

understood! ‘ Sources explain: “Their self-confidence is lost. It’s always difficult when I’m off the dance. After that, I cried a lot, but it’s a game and there’s only one winner.”

“They are helping each other through it, trying to ignore all the press and negative comments,” the insider added.

“They just want to focus on dance and take the criticism positively.”

AJ and Kai finally hugged each other "sensational" dance
AJ and Kai hugged at the end of a “sensational” dance

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Helping a couple succeed in competition is an undeniable chemistry between AJ and Kai, many believe that AJ and Kai are romantically involved.

The pair is also closing the dance floor, informed by a friend of AJ New arrival! Being a professional dancer Help AJ with her trust issues.

“AJ is open about the history of her relationship. She finds it hard to trust after her previous partner tricked her, but Kai is a really nice person,” he said. ..

“He’s helping her get over her previous problems. So far, he has checked all the boxes.”

The dancing duo jumped for joy in the news
The dancing duo jumped for joy in the news

Allegedly, while their chemistry may be helping them in competition It is influencing AJ’s love life.

AJ describes her dating life since the start of the BBC show:

“There is no direct message from the suitor candidate, but that hasn’t happened.”

AJ added that he thinks DM is dry because of the sultry routine with Kai.

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Strictly's AJ Odudu and Kai Widdrington finally get Perfect 40

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