Strictly speaking, Gorka Marquez says he and Gemma Atkinson are “too busy” to plan a wedding.

Strictly Come Dancing Favorite Gorka Marquez He and his fiancé Gemma Atkinson It’s “too busy” to plan a pending marriage.

Gorka asked Jema a question in February 2021 And their pair branded “Eternal Valentine” with each other.

Before getting engaged, 37-year-old Jema gave birth to her daughter Mia. I turned 2 last summer.

Discussing the wedding at Steph’s Packed Lunch on Friday, January 21, 31-year-old Gorka admitted that they weren’t making much of a big day plan.

When asked by Steph McGovern if he chose a date, the dancer replied: I’m too busy! “

Gorka Marquez was at Steph’s pack lunch on Friday, January 21st.

Jema and Gorka got engaged last year
Jema and Gorka got engaged last year

“We always say,’You have to choose a date.’ I was talking the other day, so I really need to book a holiday,” he continued.

“We’ve been doing that for the past two years, but haven’t booked yet. We’re just alive and so happy.”

He also revealed that Steph’s pack lunch had famous chef Simon Rimmer on his first date with Jema and Gorka.

Both Gemma and Simon participated in the same series of Strictly 2017.

Gorka describes the chef’s tricycle as follows: “He was there when I and Jema went out for coffee for the first time. He was there again when we went to dinner for the first time. For the first time …” before stopping and laughing.

“I was just sitting at the end of bed watching,” Simon joked in response.

The dancer laughed at Simon Rimmer's cheeky comment
The dancer laughed at Simon Rimmer’s cheeky comment

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Gemma repeated similar feelings about the wedding in a Q & A with 1.7 million Instagram followers last month.

Answers to the question when they set the date: “I have no idea! We had a zero plan with all Covid’s.

“We went to the registration office nearly twice and just did it, but I don’t think our family is very happy. They want a good party!”

She too Revealed their plans to give birth to a second baby.

Jema, Gorka Marquez and baby girl Mia
Jema, Gorka Marquez and her 2-year-old daughter Mia

Gemma writes: [Mia] When she was certainly a little older. “

Jema prepares while Gorka is busy with a Strictly Come Dancing live tour Realizing her long-awaited return to Hollyoaks 15 years later.

Jema, who announced this news, wrote on social media:

“The cast and crew are very nice and in personal contact, but it’s great to work together again as a pro.”

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Strictly speaking, Gorka Marquez says he and Gemma Atkinson are "too busy" to plan a wedding.

Source link Strictly speaking, Gorka Marquez says he and Gemma Atkinson are "too busy" to plan a wedding.

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