Strictly speaking, Giovanni states that the partnership with Rose is “not just dance.”

Please come to dance strictly Star Giovanni Pernice His partnership with Rose Eyring Ellis “It’s not just about dancing.”

Rose was the first hearing-impaired person in a dance competition and has won the first full marks in the series in recent weeks, surprised the judges with her talent.

Speak in One show, Giovanni, 31, 31 years old, explains: “For me and Rose, it was definitely not just dance from the beginning.”

And so far, they remain faithful to this.

Giovanni Pernice of Strictly spoke about the partnership with Rose Ayling-Ellis.

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Their couple’s choice routine was perhaps the most inspirational moment in rigorous history, with music disappearing in the middle and pairs dancing in silence.

It showed what it really was for the hearing impaired when they danced.Rose found a unique way of training and dancing, even though she couldn’t listen to music-although her training pattern was interrupted. When it’s raining..

Couples are a bookmaker’s favorite to win the show, but professional Italian dancers admitted that this wasn’t their main purpose.

“I’m introducing a new way of teaching myself. Obviously, Rose has another way of learning,” Giovanni explained.

Giovanni said Rose has “different learning methods”

“But the dance we performed certainly sent a strong message to everyone in the Deaf community. We already feel like a winner.”

Recently Giovanni Revealed the incredible blinking technique he uses in Roses, He went on to say, “Obviously, like the cherry blossoms on the cake, it’s great to beat the glitter ball, but we’re very proud of what we’re doing.”

The pair formed a very close bond in the course of the series, and fans pointed out how it “changed” Giovanni.

“People on social media have changed me, I think I’m a different person,” he told the Radio Times.

Viewers believe Rose “changed” Giovanni in the series

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“It completely changed the way I teach and the way I choreograph. It’s a different world and I’m glad I was the one who discovered this …”

He continued. “What I learned from Rose is that you can be positive and happy every day.

“She comes to the studio and if it’s a difficult or easy dance, she’s positive. No matter what’s happening in my life, I go to the studio, spend time with Rose, just relax increase.”

Rose said Giovanni is a good partner for the hearing impaired

Strictly come to dance 2021

NS Eastenders The actress commented as follows. “In the Deaf community, we’re really, really expressive, so I knew you would be a good partner for me. We’re very straightforward-and you’re straightforward.”

“Also, you have a record of going to the finals many times and turning bad dancers into good dancers. That’s what you did with me.”

This weekend, the couple wants to surprise the audience, and Natalie Cole’s this will be reviewed again at the Eternal Love American Smooth Foxtrot.

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Strictly speaking, Giovanni states that the partnership with Rose is "not just dance."

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