Strictly “Rose” struggles to train when it’s raining because the noise interferes with the vibration

Rose Eyring Ellis Difficult to rehearse Strictly come to dance Host when it rains Claudia Winkleman I made it clear.

Eastenders Star Rose, 27, has been fascinated by BBC show fans with her. Giovanni Pernis Incredible performance every week.

Rose was the first hearing-impaired person in the show and has set records during his appearance in the series after becoming a star. It has the earliest perfect score in the history of the series.

And the impressive dance of Rose and Giovanni is firmly positioned as a favorite to win them, and this pair has become a hot topic in the series.

Rose Eiling Ellis surprises fans with her performance every week

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Now, Shirley Ballas reveals that the audience is prohibited from applauding During the performance of Rose and 31-year-old Giovanni, host Claudia Winkleman gave viewers additional insights.

Claudia explained that Rose faces behind-the-scenes challenges when practicing incredible dance.

49-year-old Claudia said, “Rose is amazing … she’s decently funny. I hope it meets. She’s a great dancer. The fact that she’s deaf is an extraordinary thing about Rose’s charm. It’s far below the list … “

“When it’s really raining, I find it difficult to train because of the disturbed chest vibrations,” she added.

Cloudy Winkleman reveals that Rose finds it difficult to rehearse when it rains.

Rain can “ruin her chest vibrations”

Strictly the host explained to The Big Issue magazine, revealing that she had learned some sign language.

“The first thing I wanted to learn was that I didn’t have to use it, but the judge was scary,” she explained.

It was after Rose’s great success after winning over millions of fascinating dances.

Rose is rumored to follow in the footsteps of Stacey Dooley to discuss with the BBC and lead new documentary and entertainment shows.

EastEnders Beauty Rose and professional dancer Giovanni gave a great compliment to the Deaf community.

Famous presenter Stacey won exactly in 2018 and signed a deal with the BBC, which is reportedly worth more than £ 200,000.

One source told MailOnline: “Rose is a star and exactly what the BBC needs. The country fell in love with her.

“Everything about her is so fascinating and lovely. She has gained millions of fans in a matter of weeks.

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“She sympathizes with young and old. That’s exactly what the BBC needs right now, and there are many projects being discussed for her after the show.”

The silent performances of Rose and Giovanni are also hints for winning the Bafta TV Moment of the Year Awards next year.

The judges were in awe of Rose after the amazing moments of their routine. Motsi Mabuse sheds tears and says: Thank you very much. “

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Strictly "Rose" struggles to train when it's raining because the noise interferes with the vibration

Source link Strictly "Rose" struggles to train when it's raining because the noise interferes with the vibration

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