Strictly John Waite plans a quiet Christmas with his fiancé in a Scottish cabin

Strictly come to dance Star John Waite has revealed that he and his fiancé Paul Atkins are planning a quiet Christmas in a Scottish cabin.

After admitting to appearing on the BBC One show, John says he and Paul haven’t been able to spend a lot of time together, so they’re going to “dedicate” this Christmas to each other.

Speak exclusively all right!, The star told us about his Christmas plans. “I and my fiancé Paul booked a hut in a national park in the middle of Scotland. It’s just us and our dog.

“I’m not going to meet my family or friends. I’m strictly manic and I haven’t seen each other very often, so I decided to dedicate this Christmas to each other.”

Strictly Come Dancing star John Waite looks forward to Christmas with his fiancé Paul Atkins in a Scottish cabin.

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John added: “I meet my family before I go, but there is no phone signal or Wi-Fi. Just a fire, a book and a game of Uno.”

John has been Strictly impress the judges every week With his professional partner Johannes Ladebe.

But he admits his day-to-day work on Channel 4 shows. Steph’s PackedLunch gives him a coveted break from the sequins and rehearsal turmoil.

John, 32, continues: “Strictly it’s a crazy world and it consumes everything, but when it comes to pack lunches, I feel like I can take a break … It’s good to get out of the bubble exactly. I’m relaxing here.”

Steph’s Pack Ranch Star was busy rehearsing strictly with his professional partner Johannes Ladebe.

And John talks about how he dealt with the great fame that was brought to the strictry. “The other day I was at Five Guy and I really got a hangover and sat down on a hamburger.

I thought, “I have to be careful.” People still appreciate the vulnerability … but it probably doesn’t look good to have a hangover hit a hamburger on Sunday morning! “

Over the weekend, John and Johannes placed Argentine Tango in fifth place with David Garrett.

Strictly Come Dancing John Waite was sweetly surprised by his fiancé Paul Atkins during the rehearsal of the show on Saturday.
John was recently sweetly surprised by his fiancé Paul during a rehearsal

Judge Anton de Bake had previously said he wanted to see John let go more and free his movements.

In response to a comment on “It Takes Two” with Janet Manlara, John said:

“I feel like a clumsy idiot to you honestly. I feel like a big idiot. To be honest, it’s not false humility.

“And last week I had little time to rehearse and practice, so I just felt like a fool.”

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Strictly John Waite plans a quiet Christmas with his fiancé in a Scottish cabin

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