Strictly Joanne Clifton, 38, struggles to get out of the car in the fight for arthritis

Joanne Clifton talked about how having osteoarthritis on both knees affected her life.

She had been suffering from knee problems since she was a teenager, but a 38-year-old woman was first diagnosed with this condition in 2015, just a year ago. He won the BBC’s popular competition show “Strictly Come Dancing” with TV host Ore Oduba (36 years old).

Currently, professional dancers are unable to get out of the car, run or jump without the help of special equipment to grab, and are meticulous when working around the house, including crouching. You need to pay attention to.

Osteoarthritis is a type of arthritis caused by the gradual wear of the cartilage in the joints.

Joan Clifton has pioneered the fight against osteoarthritis

Joanne Clifton won the Glitterball trophy at Ore Oduba in 2016.

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The intense training required strictly along with their final performance of jumping off the drum top left Joan hovering to receive her final points and handed over the glitter ball trophy. ..

While she enjoyed the experience, the star explained that she was “a little ridiculous” because she didn’t take into account her doctor’s advice during training.

she said Daily Mail Health: “I was a little ridiculous-I prioritized great ideas over my condition.

“When I was diagnosed in 2015, I was told to avoid shocking movements. We practiced jumping all week long.”

Joan explained that she had a lot of trouble and regretted having choreographed many jumps in her final routine with me.

Joan said there were a lot of jumps in her last routine

“After the last dance, I could only drag to Claudia. [Winkleman] Earn points. But despite the pain, the victory was a wonderful feeling. “

A television personality explained that when he was a teenager, he often made a cracking knee noise and laughed unnoticed by the medical reasons behind it.

After undergoing an MRI scan at the time, the consultant told her that she would probably need a knee replacement someday and said, “Dance was my life, so shed tears.”

Joan was advised to avoid shocking movements. She later discovered that walking downhill was more painful than walking uphill because of the force on her knees.

Joan was told to avoid high-impact movements
Joan was told to avoid high-impact movements

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It was “painful” to walk downhill towards the station, and she had to sit down after grabbing her knees and remained “tears.”

Joan is now getting out of the car using a specific device called a car doormate and using a special pillow to raise her legs during a break.

When it comes to performance, Joan, who starred in the Adams family, said, “If you’re playing tango and you feel pain, your dance partner (playing Cameron Blakely, Gomez) and we’ll not be too low in a rush. I also tell the choreographer and adapt it. “

Joan wants people to know that osteoarthritis isn't just found in the elderly
Joan wants people to know that osteoarthritis isn’t just found in the elderly

Strictly come to dance 2021

Joan added that many believe that osteoarthritis affects only the elderly, but that is not exactly true.

“I need to convey the message that there is nothing to be embarrassed about, but follow your doctor’s advice. I just want to know my condition sooner and do something to slow down my decline,” she says. I did.

Professional dancer. She added that she felt “more confident” about the future.

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Strictly Joanne Clifton, 38, struggles to get out of the car in the fight for arthritis

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