Strictly “Giovanni” was “changed” by partner Rose because she was “the first woman who wasn’t drawn to his charm”

Rose Eyring Ellis teeth Strictly come to danceFirst hearing-impaired and her and dance partner Giovanni Pernis It has surprised fans for the past few weeks.

Fans’ favorite couple climbed the BBC One show leaderboard over the course of a few weeks and surprised the audience with their emotional performance. Show on Saturday, November 13th It was titled The Sound of Silence.

A duet celebrating the Deaf community and giving viewers a glimpse into Rose’s life. The music stopped in the middle of the routine and the couple danced quietly.

Rose had a great influence on Giovanni and is now reported to have “changed” since he met the actress.

Rose is reported to have had a great influence on Giovanni, and he “changed” after meeting the actress.

Sources said Heat magazine: “Giovanni has really changed for the better since he met Rose.

“He has seen the obstacles Rose had to face in his life, and he is just in awe of her.

“She was one of the first females he met and wasn’t afraid to challenge him or take p ** s out of him, regardless of his charm. He loves it. increase.”

EastEnders Beauty Rose and professional dancer Giovanni gave a great compliment to the Deaf community.
Rose and Giovanni have surprised Strictly fans

Giovanni’s representative said mirror: “Geo is very supportive of Rose publicly, and has supported what she taught him, and the community that the entire British people will represent.

“Geo has always been a great person and dancer, and of course he enjoys the series very much with Rose.”

all right! I contacted the Giovanni representative for comment.

Emotional after their inspiring silent performance Anton de Bake Said the pair: “It’s the best I’ve ever seen at the show. Congratulations.”

Clearly impressed by the work Mozzima Views “Thank you. It was a great moment to get us involved in your world and really understand how important and aware we are to each other everywhere. This is a very special thing. was.”

Audiences have seen a rigorous fair share of romance across the seasons, but Rose is willing to go out with her. 7 year boyfriend, Samuel Arnold.

Rose Eiling Ellis and Samuel Arnold travel together
Rose Eiling Ellis and boyfriend Samuel Arnold

Samuel is also deaf and he is often seen at the BBC studio supporting his girlfriend at the show, even though the couple keeps their lives fairly private.

He said online: “I still find you the most entertaining, beautiful and super cool girlfriend I have ever asked for.

“You are a real Bada ** girlfriend.”

The pair of jet settings traveled together around the world, from the Amazon to the deserts of Huacachina.

Rose Ayling Ellis and Giovanni Pernies "special" A quiet moment of dance to celebrate the Deaf community
Strictly coming and dancing fans were left sobbing on Saturday as Rose Eiling Ellis and Giovanni Pernis included “special” quiet moments in their dance to celebrate the Deaf community.

Giovanni, on the other hand, is single and recently born of a relationship with Love Island. Maura HigginsAlthough he has dated Ashley Roberts and Georgia Mayfoot in the past.

In addition, Rose (26 years old), who is making waves as an actress, was the first actress of the hearing impaired to appear. Eastenders..

She joined Soap in May 2020 as Frankie Ruiz, daughter of Danny Dyer’s Mick Carter.

Frankie was seen leaving Albert Square behind a Wolford taxi in early November, but fans shouldn’t worry.

Talk to Metro, Rose said: “Usually EastEnders does the work at the same time as Strictly, but EastEnders gave me a vacation so I can concentrate completely on Strictly.”

Strictly "Giovanni" was "changed" by partner Rose because she was "the first woman who wasn't drawn to his charm"

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