Strictly Giovanni reveals Rose’s secret talent for painting hilarious portraits

Strictly come to dance Star Giovanni Pernis Announced another secret talent of Rose Eyring Ellis Like she draws a hilarious portrait.

BBC One professional dancer, 31 years old Recently, Rose and her boyfriend Samuel Arnold were taken to a fashionable West London restaurant to celebrate their 27th birthday., Shared a glimpse of a poster full of miniature cartoons of “Many Faces of Giovanni”.

EastEnders’ Starrose painted 11 Giovanni cartoons in various expressions that the actress picked up during the rehearsal. Among them are “There is a new dance!”

Giovanni filmed Rose behind the taxi as the pair passed through each of the hilarious sketches when the Thorpe Star impersonated a professional dancer.

Strictly Come Dancing Star Giovanni Pernies Announces Another Secret Talent of Rose Eiling Ellis

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In an Instagram story to 665,000 Instagram followers, Rose impersonated Giovanni with an Italian accent.

duo, Fans recently wept when Rose celebrated the Deaf community in a “special” quiet moment of dance., Laughter together when they headed to an unknown place.

Rose spoke through a hilarious sketch

Dancing couples are a favorite of bookmakers who lift the coveted glitter ball trophy this year. Their unique chemistry captures the imagination of viewers and professionals.

Body language expert Judy James believes that the bond between Giovanni and Rose has never been seen exactly.She explained Buzz bingo: “It’s a non-sexual love story that looks real, unique and romantic.”

A poster full of miniature cartoons of “Many Faces of Giovanni”

“This relationship has grown over the weeks, and Geo is now staring at Rose with full respect and a sense of parental price and worship,” added an expert.

After last week’s performance, Rose praised his partner’s confessed “lizard.”

Giovanni presented Rose with cake and flowers during the rehearsal
Giovanni presented Rose with a cake and flowers for his birthday while rehearsing.

The actress said: “I am very grateful for your determination to make this dance the most positive and happiest dance, because I know that I am deaf and there is nothing wrong with it. Being deaf I think it’s a lot of fun. Lots of about you as a person. “

When talking to Tess Daily, the emotional Giovanni said, “The positiveness she gives me every day is not worldly, so I am very grateful to you. Thank you very much!”

A strictly professional relationship of the pair has blossomed, heat reported The EastEnders actress changed him for the better.

EastEnders Beauty Rose and professional dancer Giovanni gave a great compliment to the Deaf community.
Dancing couples are a favorite of bookmakers

“He sees the obstacles Rose had to face in his life and he’s just in awe of her,” their sources said.

“She was one of the first females he met and wasn’t afraid to challenge him or rob him of his beloved p **, regardless of his charm.”

It’s all about how the pair follows up on this week’s favorites and their iconic moments. This Saturday is Musical Week, with a quick step from Anna and the Snow Queen soundtrack to “Love Is an Open Door.”

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Strictly Giovanni reveals Rose's secret talent for painting hilarious portraits

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