Strictly fans say Giovanni Pernice “grown up” and “showed a sensitive side”

Strictly come to dance Viewers made positive comments about Giovanni PernisImpressive turn of this series dancing with a partner Rose Eyring Ellis..

A 31-year-old woman, commonly known for her confident persona on stage, appears to show his “vulnerable” side this year, and viewers are strictly the first hearing-impaired. I noticed its characteristics when I was co-starring with Rose.

The Pair’s Couples Choice Routine, which includes a quiet moment as a homage to the Deaf community, is where Giovanni especially fascinated the audience, seeing a different side to the professional dancers.

“I feel like I’ve seen something different from Giovanni. He seems more vulnerable and was led by Rose. They have beautiful friendships and make great dance duos.” A viewer on YouTube commented.

Strictly Come Dancing fans have noticed the “vulnerable” side of the Giovanni Per Nice character in this series.

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“Can I say I’ve never seen Giovanni become so emotional? I think this is the best choreography he’s ever done. Dare he finds a real woman He says he has strengthened the game, “writes the second fan.

“A very special young woman who changes the landscape of the Deaf community deserves all the praise of embracing her world and making friends with Geo, who produced the most amazing dance,” another said.

Strictly speaking, the fans were taken over by Giovanni following the Couples Choice Routine with his partner Rose Eyring Ellis.

Strictly, viewers point out that Giovanni’s coaching and dancing style has changed with Rose’s training. He shows weekly sensitivity to the actress’s lack of hearing within each routine.

“Giovanni found a person at Rose who he really respected and respected, away from his usual routine and values. She made him a better person,” said one fan.

Giovanni and Rose have grown intimate training together in this year’s rigorous series

Giovanni and Rose impressed the judges with the audience and became emotional to complete the dance after the perfect couples choice routine. Say “I love you” to his dance partner..

Pairs have undeniable chemistry that is significantly closer during their rigorous experience. Fans believe that in a few weeks they will strictly eventually lead them to the top.

Strictly fans predict that Giovanni will win the exact final trophy with Rose after changing the “sensitive” character.

“A stunning, breathtaking, inspirational, Rose & Geo is the perfect couple for the finals and wins (hopefully), and upwards,” said one viewer.

“Rose & Giovanni surprised me with the extraordinary expression of’Your World in Silence’,” another viewer commented.

“But with your pleasant dance interpretation, we can hear that we have been given the entrance to your special world, what you are doing for the hearing-impaired community is glitter. It will continue after the ball trophy. “

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Strictly fans say Giovanni Pernice "grown up" and "showed a sensitive side"

Source link Strictly fans say Giovanni Pernice "grown up" and "showed a sensitive side"

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