Strictly fans claim that Giovanni is insanely in love with Rose when he kisses her with a gentle clip.

Please come to dance strictly Fans said they think Giovanni Pernice “I’m in love like crazy” with his dance partner Rose Eyring Ellis After the sweet moment of the show on Sunday, December 12th.

A professional dancer, Giovanni, 31, was found kissing EastEnders actress Rose, 27. Congratulations on advancing to the final.

Giovanni and Rose’s compatibility on the strictry dance floor has captivated fans throughout the series.

Rose has a relationship with 7-year-old Samuel Arnold’s boyfriend. However, fans are still enthusiastic about the sweet bond between Rose and Giovanni.

Giovanni and Rose spewed each other after discovering that they had played the finals.

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Strictly fans found a moving moment between Rose and Giovanni after discovering that they had made it to the finals.

Giovanni was seen kissing a soap actress on his head when the pair shared a hug after blowing each other to the strictly hosting Claudia Winkleman.

Rose, A person who suffered a “big bruise on his waist” after a stunt, Said Giovanni: “I want to say thank you so much because you care so much and are so passionate about it. It really decided to give it everything I have. That is, You are the best teammate. To be honest, it was in my life. “

As a professional dancer said about his dance partner, he became emotional: “From day one you were a dream. You were a dream in my life. So you are the only one and you do. Keep doing what you’re doing. “I’ve been doing it since day one and I think it’s okay.”

Claudia Winkleman stared with a smile as the pair made heartfelt remarks about each other.

Rose said Giovanni was “the best teammate in my life.”

After that, fans used Twitter to react to the moving moments between the pairs.

One viewer claimed that “Giovanni is in love like crazy and will not persuade me in any other way.”

Another addition: “Rose and Giovanni are distinctive films waiting to happen.”

While one-third writes: “The love that @ RoseAylingEllis and @ pernicegiovann1 have with each other is so pure.”

Professional dancer Giovanni kisses Rose’s head

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Meanwhile, another said, “You were a dream in my life.”-Giovanni is a romantic comedy writer’s dream.

Giovanni was seen weeping as Giovanni and Rose were announced early in the show to compete in the Strictly Come Dancing finals.

This pair is a solid favorite for winning the show and getting the Glitterball trophy.

According to PaddyPower, Rose and Giovanni are 1 mile favorites, and bookmaker experts are currently offering 1/5 odds.

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Strictly fans claim that Giovanni is insanely in love with Rose when he kisses her with a gentle clip.

Source link Strictly fans claim that Giovanni is insanely in love with Rose when he kisses her with a gentle clip.

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