Strictly Craig Revel Horwood states that Rose and Giovanni created “chemistry” in the “world of silence.”

Craig Revel Horwood How revealed Please come to dance strictlyGiovanni Pernice and Rose Ayling-Ellis created “Chemistry” in the “World of Silence”.

A rigorous judge who recently explained how he was “one of the lucky ones” After testing that he is positive for coronavirusExplains that “chemistry” between dance partners is difficult to “reproduce”, but is “amazing” when it is achieved.

Australian English ballroom dancer Craig, 56, explained Exclusively OK! How did EastEnders actress Rose and her professional partner Giovanni, the first hearing-impaired in the BBC One series, have been forced to create “chemistry” “in another way”.

Strictly Come Dancing Rose Eyring Ellis and Giovanni Pernies

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Craig said: “I really like the compatibility between Rose and Giovanni because I had to create it differently in a quiet world.

“It’s very interesting to see how it works and how the level of communication between them works.

“I think he helped to deepen the communication between them. [Giovanni] Must give her [Rose] Always keep track of information such as timing and rhythm. ”

Strictly Come Dancing Star Rose Eiling Ellis is a favorite to win the show after a great weekend performance
Rose is a favorite to win the show after her incredible performance

EastEnders Beauty Rose and professional dancer Giovanni sent incredible compliments to the Deaf community for their performance.
EastEnders Beauty Rose and Giovanni sent incredible compliments to the Deaf community for their performance

Craig goes on to say: “Giovanni needed to further strengthen his physical chemistry with Rose in order to transfer the rhythms of his body and music to her body and be able to react in time. Surprisingly, they I think he really created. Chemistry between them. ”

Craig, who spoke of British Bake Off stars John Waite and Johannes Radebe, added: [partnerships] It has an amazing kind of bromance chemistry that I find great.

“You can see that they are really good companions and they communicate really well, which makes those particular partnerships stand out.”

John Waite Johannes Radebe
According to Craig, John Waite and Johannes Radebe “communicate well”

Asked if he could understand the difference between real chemistry and performance, Craig added:

“That’s what every dancer is trying to achieve. Certainly there are good and bad combinations of ballet and all of them, and sometimes even professionals find it difficult to get chemistry between them.”

He continued. “If you’re personally talking about whether there is chemistry other than work, I think it’s clear when you see people’s body language offset.

“But rumba, the overall point of doing a love dance is to trick everyone into believing that you’re really in love and there’s chemistry, but it’s also a great actor. . ”

Craig Revel Horwood told new judge Anton Du Beke for missing a mistake.
Craig reveals how to find chemistry as a judge

Prior to the semi-finals, Craig added: [chemistry] It is a thing. That’s definitely a thing. It’s like meeting someone on the other side of a crowded room-there’s chemistry on the other side of the room, which attracts people to each other.

“It’s real and exists, but hard to reproduce. But when people do, it’s great and incredible to see on the dance floor.”

Meanwhile, Craig is partnering with a dream to help peopleSleep Like Log’also revealed how important sleep is to keep up with his busy schedule, including the BBC show, along with his new single. Christmas, Merry Christmas! With Rietta Austin.

judge He revealed his “nuisance” sleep habits and explained how partners “communicate” with each other to achieve a peaceful night’s sleep.

Craig Revel Horwood
Craig is affiliated with the Dream Sleep Like Log campaign

Asked if he and his fiancé Jonathan had to make a sleep compromise, Craig added.

Talking about his sleep habits, Craig said: “I said,’What did I find it awkward to do?’ When I lie on my back, I start snoring, but that’s not good for everyone. Jonathan often uses his cell phone in bed, so the light It’s always distracting to see the lights turn on and off. “

Craig Revel Horwood
Craig reveals that he snores when he sleeps on his back

“Communication and exercise are important, so you can go for a walk or bike for 15 minutes in the morning, 15 minutes in the evening, or 30 minutes a day,” Craig continued.

“There’s nothing better than actually feeling refreshed. It’s imperative to go downstairs, take a shower, start the day, and get a good night’s sleep.”

To celebrate the launch of Log, Dreams’ new sleep guru, Craig Revel Horwood has partnered with Dreams and Sleep Expert Sammy Margo to co-create a visual guide to sleep positions inspired by dance moves.

The Sleep Like Log Guide aims to help British people “sync” with their partners to get a better night’s sleep and ultimately achieve a “Sleep Like Log”.

Strictly Craig Revel Horwood states that Rose and Giovanni created "chemistry" in the "world of silence."

Source link Strictly Craig Revel Horwood states that Rose and Giovanni created "chemistry" in the "world of silence."

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