Strictly Come Dancing: Ugomonie “Guttsuri” to Miss Saturday Show Due to Back Problems | Ent & Arts News

Ugo Monye says he will not be able to compete in Strictly Come Dancing this Saturday due to back problems.

The former rugby player was scheduled to dance with his partner Oti Mabse, but will be absent due to medical expert advice.

He wrote on Twitter: “Unfortunately, I will not be able to dance at this weekend’s show.

“I have a history of back problems that have always been managed under the guidance of medical professionals.

“Unfortunately this caused me some unwanted problems this week!”

Ugomonie and Otimabuse dancing in the second episode of Strictly

He added:

“Gut Oti and I won’t dance this weekend, but we wish all the other contestants good luck and support us from home!”

Details of Strictly Come Dancing

On Wednesday, comedian Robert Webb and his professional dance partner Dianne Buswell Withdrew from the show About the poor physical condition of the TV star.

A peep show actor who underwent cardiotomy two years ago said his doctor advised him to stop the program after “beginning to feel symptoms” during training.

He said in a statement: “I am very sorry that I have to announce that I will withdraw from Strictly Come Dancing because of my poor health.

“Two years ago I had an open heart surgery. I believed I was strong enough to undertake that tight schedule, but I chewed more than I could chew at this stage of recovery. It became clear that.

“I began to feel the symptoms of urgent consultation with a heart specialist, and it was her view that I should leave the show for my health.

“I’m proud of the three dances Diane Baswell and I managed to perform, and I deeply regret having to disappoint her in this way.

BBC distribution photos of Dianne Buswell and Robert Webb during the dress run of the first episode of Strictly Come Dancing 2021.
Robert Webb withdrew from competition over his heart-related health concerns

“I couldn’t hope for a more talented partner or a more patient teacher. It’s a measure of Diane’s professionalism and kindness that I’ve been able to get as much as I can.”

He thanked viewers for voting for him and Baswell, adding that he was “especially impressed with the support of heart patients.”

“Maybe I was too enthusiastic to impress them. They know that recovery doesn’t always go straight. I expected.”

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“I know it and leave Strictly The viewers are in very safe hands and I will support my brother and sister contestants until Christmas.

“It’s a real honor to be part of this huge, fun, barking and crazy TV show despite this sad ending. I hope it lasts for a long time.”

Last weekend, McFly star Tom Fletcher and partner Amy Dowden returned to the dance floor Coronavirus positive..

The duo missed a week-long show while they were self-quarantining.

Strictly Come Dancing: Ugomonie “Guttsuri” to Miss Saturday Show Due to Back Problems | Ent & Arts News

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