Strictly Come Dancing Robert Webb quit the show because of “poor health”

Robert Webb announces that he has withdrawn Please come to dance strictly.

A comedian and actor, 49, revealed that he left the BBC show for health two years after undergoing cardiotomy.

In a statement, Robert read Wednesday’s “It Takes Two,” saying:

“Two years ago I had an open heart surgery. I believed I was strong enough to undertake that tight schedule, but I chewed more than I could chew at this stage of recovery. It became clear that.

“She thought it was better to leave the show for good health as she began to feel the symptoms of calling for an urgent medical examination from a cardiologist.”

Strictly Come Dancing Robert Webb quit the show because of “poor health”

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He continued. “I’m proud of the three dances Diane Baswell and I managed to perform, and I deeply regret having to disappoint her in this way. More talented partners and more patient I couldn’t hope for a teacher. A measure of Diane’s professionalism and kindness that I was able to get as much as I could.

“Thanks to everyone in the house who voted for us. It was always a difficult mountain to climb (one is very slippery because it’s made of glitter) and I’m especially for heart disease patients I was impressed with the support.

“I think I was too enthusiastic to impress them. They know that recovery doesn’t always go straight. And I’m more than me at the limits of my resilience. I hope they aren’t too disappointed with the early encounters. “D hoped.

Diane Buswell and Robert Webb partnered at the show

“I know it and leave Strictly The viewers are in very safe hands and I will support my brother and sister contestants until Christmas. Despite this sad ending, it’s a real honor to be able to participate in this huge, fun and barking crazy TV show. It may last for a long time. “

Robert In partnership with Diane Baswell, I wanted him to “quickly recover” and was fortunate enough to “call him a friend”.

The pair danced together for three weeks in the program, including a quick step to the theme song for the tango and mappet show, scoring 25 out of 40.

Diane said: “As a big fan of Robert, I was happy to know that he was part of the Strictly family, and it was icing on the cake that I found him to be my partner. Made a great team and worked. It was hard and I laughed a lot along the way. I am very proud of the three great dances we made.

“I was able to give Robert more to the competition, but of course his health is paramount and I hope he recovers quickly. I danced with him and called him a friend. I’m lucky. “

Robert Webb and his dance partner Dianne Buswell
Robert and Diane attended the show for three weeks

Strictly speaking, Robert Webb says he was
Strictly Robert Webb underwent open heart surgery two years ago

Strictly Come Dancing Executive Producer Sara James said:

“Even though their rigorous journey was nearing its end sooner than anyone thought, Robert and Diane were really in competition with three unforgettable dances brilliantly choreographed by the brilliant Diane. I made the mark.

“They are a great partnership and I would like to thank them for the dedication, creativity and joy they brought to the show. Everyone involved in StrictlyComeDancing gives Robert his love and best wishes for his continued recovery. send.”

Strictly Come Dancing Robert Webb quit the show because of "poor health"

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