Strictly Come Dancing Nadiya Bychkova’s “Flirt with Kai Widlington Causes Fuss”

Please come to dance strictly Professional Nadiya Bishkova is reportedly raising her eyebrows on her frivolous behavior on a tour of the BBC show.

In the wake of her split from soccer player Matija Škarabot, 32 years old is said to be attacking finalist dance partner Kaiwidlington AJ Ododu During the last season of the series.

TV host AJ became “stuck” after quitting the tour due to a leg injury Last month, there were weeks of reports that she was in a romantic relationship with Kai.

But now AJ is reported to be “shocked” to find out about his 26-year-old. Kai is “advancing” with Nadia..

Strictly Come Dancing Pro Nadiya Bychkova is reportedly raising her eyebrows for her frivolous behavior during the tour.

Nadiya is said to be attacking Kaiwidlington, a partner of finalist AJ Oddu, in the final season of the series.

“AJ and Kai really got closer during the show, and their chemistry was electrical,” sources said. Sun..

“She’s obviously angry about not taking the tour while her ankles are healed, and she’s shocked that Kai seems to be already in motion by comforting Nadia.”

Nadiya was added by the publication “Raised Eyebrows” with her “incredibly frivolous” behavior.

understood! We are asking representatives of Strictly and Nadiya for comment.

Earlier this week It was reported that Nadiya split from her fiancé Matiya., Slovenian soccer player.

Nadiya is reportedly recently separated from her soccer player’s fiancé Matija Škarabot.

It is believed that the pair called it only a few months ago while she was still competing with Dan Walker in the BBC series.

One source told MailOnline: “Nadiya and Matija haven’t been together for a while.

“Matia is dedicated to her football career in Slovenia, and Nadia is primarily based in London.

“The performance of Strictly and Strictly Live Tour takes her half a year. After all, their commitment to work made it difficult for the relationship to work.

“There is still a lot of love and respect among them, and Mira is always their priority.”

Since then, Nadiya seems to have made friendships with Kai and helped her overcome difficult times.

Nadia and her ex-soccer player are said to have broke up some time ago.

One source said: “Nadya and Kai have great chemistry and a very strong friendship.

“They have been connected since the first week and are always laughing and messing around,” they continued towards the sun.

Speaking of her division, it was added: “[Kai] I cheered her up and made her smile again. They are great companions and many behind the scenes think they will make really cute couples when the time comes. “

Nadiya and Matiya have a daughter, Mira, who is believed to continue to co-parent her.

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Strictly Come Dancing Nadiya Bychkova's "Flirt with Kai Widlington Causes Fuss"

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