Strictly “bad” injuries drawn on crutches drive her out of the final AJ Odudu

Please come to dance strictlyof AJ Odudu Painted on crutches before announcing that she was forced to withdraw from the hit BBC dance show finals.

AJ was taken in an exclusive photo today in London on Friday, September 17th, before announcing the catastrophic news.

When asked about her injury and what she was doing at the age of 33, she replied that things were “bad.”

AJ suffered “repeated traumatic impact injury” on his right ankle, affecting “joints, joint capsules, and ligaments themselves.”

As a result of her injury AJ now announced that she had to pull out exactly – You can’t compete by telling your fans that she’s “terribly upset.”

AJ Odudu was seen leaving the Elstree Outpatients Center and announcing that he had to put on protective boots on his feet and withdraw from the finals.

Since then, TV hosts have had to withdraw from the competition

AJ shared this news and wrote: A special, patient and devoted person like Kai is something I cherish forever.

“Thanks for the experience of the Strictly family. The medical team tried to get me back on track, and most of the time, everyone at home saw and supported me.

“You have made this experience unforgettable. Strictly Come Dancing is a lifelong dream and we are delighted to make it happen. Good luck to our dance partners John & Johannes and Rose and Giovanni. !) “.

AJ announced earlier this week that she was injured, and Painful “vomiting projectile” as a result.

AJ was so painful when she was injured that she threw it

AJ suffered “repeated traumatic impact injury”

The presenter told the two hosts, Janet Manlara: But in essence, I have joint problems, ligament trauma, and a lot of inflammation.

“I can’t pinpoint exactly when it happened during training. In fact, after training on Monday, we felt really positive. I felt better, but the pain suddenly suddenly happened and actually happened. The projectile vomited. “

AJ went on to say that he couldn’t put his weight on his right foot and he still couldn’t put his weight on after a few days.

After her injury, and before announcing that she couldn’t make it to the finals, AJ understood! That She missed a lot of training..

AJ admitted that she was “terribly upset” that she had to drop out strictly.

“There is a little damage to the ligaments. Simply put, I hurt the ligaments in the arch and I can’t put any weight on my feet,” she told us.

“So I missed a lot of training because I couldn’t get up.”

AJ added at the time, “I’m wearing crutches and I’m doing everything I can to be there on Saturday night.”

AJ is, of course, grieving about her injury, She jumped at dance partner Kai Widlington The person who has supported her.

She states: “I’m really touching. There were so many highlights throughout the series. Obviously our first dance came out in that jive, American smooth, Argentine tango, but really in the finals. I just went ahead. “

AJ and professional dancer Kai Widdrington are not properly trained

Strictly Star added: “We know we’re not there yet, but everyone voted for us here, [to Kai] You were very patient, very kind and very nice.

“I’m still worried about where he’s still really positive and saying,’We’re going to take you to that dance floor.'”

AJ’s injury comes later She and Kai finally got the perfect 40 points In the semi-finals last weekend.

Dance duos have been a strict favorite for some time, and many claim their high scores have been postponed for a long time.

Shirley Ballas described dance as “spectacular,” as Craig Revel Harwood said it was “sensational.”

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Strictly "bad" injuries drawn on crutches drive her out of the final AJ Odudu

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