Strictly Arjas and Janet reunited with their families in tears in Slovenia for the first time in two years.

Strictly Janet Manrara When AljažŠkorjanec After two years away, there was an emotional reunion with my family in Slovenia.

The couple, who got married in 2017, headed to Aljazz’s homeland to reunite with their families, as their families had been separated since 2019 due to a pandemic travel ban and work commitment.

In a moving video shared by Janet on Instagram, you can see Aljazz arriving at an airport in Slovenia and meeting her sister Lara, who shed tears as she hugged her.

He also met his niece, three-year-old Zara and ten-month-old Tisa, and his father, and went to their home for a meal lovingly prepared by his mother.

Arjas has an emotional reunion with his family at an airport in Slovenia

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Before landing in Slovenia, 31-year-old Aljaž and 38-year-old Janette filmed aboard a plane while talking about the excitement of traveling.

“Two years later, a new baby niece was born, but for the next few weeks I’ll hug and love,” Janet wrote.

“So it’s been almost two years since I boarded the plane, but most importantly, where are we going,” Janet said.

“Go home! Go to Slovenia,” her husband replied. “We are only two hours away from the hug and we can finally meet [Tisa]… I can’t wait for everything. “

Both beloved couples participated Strictly As professional dancers in 2013, but they knew each other before the show and were already dating.

The couple have been together for 10 years and have been married for 4 years

Earlier this year, Janet opened a couple relationship and shared how the show was a “blessing” to them, and not believing in the show’s infamous “strict curse.” Their dance partner during the show,

Talk to understood! , Janet said: “No, I don’t [believe the curse is real].. So Aljaž and I were just dating when we started exactly. Dating led to engagement, and engagement led to marriage. So, strictly speaking, it was more blessing for us. “

The television personality continued to share how she and her husband kept the sparks alive while she continued.

“We do a lot of date nights, but our date nights usually consist of good Netflix films on the couch. I try to go out for a nice dinner, but just at home. I always feel better. “

Aljaz and Janette strictly participated as professional dancers in 2013

Janet was competing with the other half at the show, but now announces It Takes Two. Lyran Clark , 33. She loves her new job, but the star confesses that she’s wearing dance shoes and missing out on stage with other pros.

“I miss the dances. I miss the professional group numbers. Those dances are so magnificent. I miss the pros, crew, hair make and wardrobes,” she said.

Looking back at the moment she noticed that she presented it, Janet explained: Both she and Aljaž shed tears.

“We did both,” she explained. “It was a kind of dream come true. I always wanted to start presentations and hosting, and came out to do it exactly. It Takes Two is a perfect transition.

“I didn’t feel any discomfort and I wasn’t nervous. It was more exciting.”

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Strictly Arjas and Janet reunited with their families in tears in Slovenia for the first time in two years.

Source link Strictly Arjas and Janet reunited with their families in tears in Slovenia for the first time in two years.

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