Strictly AJ says on-screen chemistry with professional dancer Kai killed her love life

AJ Odudu Opening up her love life with her on-screen chemistry Please come to dance strictly professional Kai Widlington Made it difficult to date.

Recently 33 years old Counterattack allegations of cheating after changing to their dance off, Said her Instagram direct message section is completely “dry” since she started competing at the BBC show.

“Oh, my direct message is dry. I didn’t have any direct messages from potential suitors, but that’s not happening,” she said.

AJ said that everyone, from Tango to American Smooth, is watching her sultry routine with Kai, so I believe he knows exactly why this happened.

AJ Odudu reveals that her DM is “dry” after a sultry dance with Strictly’s Kai Widdrington.

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She added: “He witnessed me wrapping around Kai every week!”

AJ, that Dance partner Instagram has recently been hacked because trolls demanded money from fans. She attacked 26-year-old Kai because he declared that he would be in my life forever.

she said Sun: “We are having a great time. He is a family member and a caretaker of his family and his friends. He is a real gentleman. He is really, really.

AJ Odudu wept because he thanked the fans for voting
AJ said she and Kai have “the best time”

“I think that’s what makes him beautiful. I feel like we share the same ethics. Just like talking to my mother before the show, he’s mother to FaceTime. And my dad, grandfather and brother before the show. I feel like a member of his family. “

AJ and Kai’s salsa didn’t go completely to last weekend’s plan. The pair made a mistake towards the end of the routine.

The couple were still given the lowest score of 30 by the judge and ended up in a dance-off between Dunwalker and his partner Nadia.

Kai made both Claudia Winkleman and AJ Odudu bow and laugh at his impersonation.
Couples were given their lowest score

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After they were saved by the judge, the pair was able to keep their place at the show, all right!The source, the two “knocked” AJs and Kai’s confident scratches below, caused some tears.

all right!Sources explain as follows. “Their self-confidence is lost. It’s always difficult when I’m off the dance. After that, I cried a lot, but it’s a game and there’s only one winner.”

However, all right!Sources explained that the couple are helping each other throughout the tricky week and are determined to return to the fight this weekend.

AJ Odudu and Kai dancing tango
The source said OK! AJ and Kai “support each other” after knocking with confidence

Strictly come to dance 2021

“They are helping each other through it, trying to ignore all the press and negative comments,” sources said.

“They just want to focus on dance and take the criticism positively.”

all right! We are seeking comments from representatives of both parties.

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Strictly AJ says on-screen chemistry with professional dancer Kai killed her love life

Source link Strictly AJ says on-screen chemistry with professional dancer Kai killed her love life

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