Strange winner of Sunday’s annual award

2021 may have been a turbulent year for many, but there is still much to celebrate in the fantastic world of entertainment.

We have selected the champions to be recognized at the Biz on Awards on Sunday.

Pioneer of the year


Charli XCX has released their fifth album, Crash, and is preparing to start a live tour of the UK, so they are ready for cracking in 2022.

Charli XCX isn’t 30 years old yet, but he’s already a successful global pop star, earning £ 7m.

The singer-songwriter has released his fifth album, Crash, and is preparing to start a live tour of the UK, so he is ready for cracking in 2022.

Born in Cambridge, Charlie – real name Charlotte Hison – is smart, sexy, and inspirational. She refused to follow mainstream trends and remained loyal to what musically excited her.

She teased her new record earlier this year, saying: Very good, very pop. Charlie’s ultra pop star, All Out, feels like selling a soul-like version of himself. I feel like I have unleashed myself at the ultimate top level. It’s fun to get to know her. ”

Prepare dance shoes.

Crooner of the Year


Ed Sheeran’s 4th album is now the best in the world

Ed Sheeran, the unpretentious megastar and best-selling artist behind the highest-selling live tours in history, easily won this title from us.

The flame-haired singer has released her long-awaited fourth album, Equals. The album ranked number one in the world, with great songwriting, especially in the form of Bad Habits and Shivers.

Since becoming the father of his daughter Laila last year, the singer has lost weight and focused on his well-being.

Top broke.

Comeback Queen


Britney is finally freed from her controversial 13 years of protection

Britney Spears was finally freed from the controversial 13-year power of attorney, giving his father Jamie control over most of his life options.

Pop Princess finally has access to £ 45m of property, is planning new music, and wants to try her baby with her boyfriend’s personal trainer, Sam Asgari.

Last month, she said of her departure from guardianship: “I am honestly grateful every day.”

Bravo, Brit.

Songwriter of the Year


Adele’s new album 30 wasn’t disappointed after waiting for six years

After waiting for Adele to release her “divorce album” for six years, the Queen of Broken Heart Ballads wasn’t disappointed.

Of course, thanks to her terribly honest lyrics, which recorded the painful division from charity boss Simon Koneki and the confusion when she tried to rebuild herself, it was number one in the world. became.

Tearful Jerker, My Little Love, I Drink Wine and Cry Your Heart Out to her son are record-breaking moments.

Best tv show


Wrapped up every 6th year cheeky seconds of Love Island

There were romance, bromance, tears, tantrums, bunters, and lots of dramas, and I rapped every 6th year cheeky second on Love Island.

Winners Liam Riadon and Millie Court are still struck, and the relationship between the runner-up couples Chloe Burrows and Toby Aromoraran, Faye Winter and Teddy Soares is four months after the show ends. It’s still strong after that.

Walkouts and cinema nights, where the islanders re-watched the footage, caused fireworks.

Judge of the Year


Strictly Come Dancing Champion Otimabuse has become a fan favorite

Two-time Strictly Come Dancing Champion Otimabuse has been a fan favorite since joining the show’s professional dancers six years ago.

The ultra-positive South African is already a judge for Simon Cowell’s Greatest Dancer and is a guest on the ITV Masked Dancer Panel.

Oti, now strictly Judge Mozzi’s sister, is heading to the Dancing on Ice next month after revealing that Sunday’s Sun will be the fourth judge on the show.

I can’t wait to see Oti shine in a new role.

The hottest entertainment couple


Jamie Laing finally met his match at Sophie Habu

Seeing the adorable Rogue Jamie Laing wine and dining with many women in a 10-year stint at Made in Chelsea, I’m glad he finally met his match at Sophie Habu. think.

The couple started dating two years ago, and now a cheeky biscuit heir keeps fans up to date with his hygiene with Habbs, from spats and laughter to pranks through social media and collaborative podcasts.

After Jamie asks a question this week, the lovers are ready to tie a knot.

May you receive an invitation!

Hero of the Year


Marcus Rashford earns MBE in the fight against child poverty

Manchester United ace Marcus Rashford earns an MBE in the fight against child poverty and works with television chef Tom Kerridge to serve 250,000 meals for families in need of this celebration. Provided.

A sun-supported drive saw the duo create a Christmas dinner recipe for just £ 10 with a healthy start voucher. Costs are kept down as charity saves unsold food from the trash.

“I want the kids to wake up on Christmas morning, without wondering where the next meal comes from,” Marcus said.

Guilty TV Joy


Michael McIntyre’s bizarre BBC 1 game show The Wheel is back in the second series, bringing laughter when needed

Michael McIntyre’s ridiculous BBC1 game show, The Wheel, brought laughter when needed and returned to the second series.

With its catchy theme tunes, rapid rounds, high stakes, and an eclectic mix of celebrities, it’s easy to inhale.

Michael is in the best condition as a host.

In last week’s episode, a celebrity guest helped a competitor scoop a whopping £ 92,000. This means that the mother of his key worker can help her regain her workload.

What should I not love?

Charli XCX posts the moment her boobs fell while presenting a gong to Justin Bieber at the ARIA Awards outtake

Strange winner of Sunday’s annual award

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