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Stormbara brings thousands of 70mph blizzards and is powerless after Arwen | UK | News

Roses – the second named storm of the winter – will reduce strong winds and sub-zero temperatures to -11 ° C. Starting at 9am on Tuesday, yellow warnings were issued in many parts of the country. The Met Office also warned that public transport could be disrupted and coastal communities endangered. A spokesman for the Met Office said: “A region of deep low pressure systems flowing from the Atlantic Ocean can bring strong winds to many parts of the United Kingdom.

“The strong winds arrive west until Tuesday morning, spread inland, and reach the east from afternoon to evening.

“A gust of 45-50mph is widely expected, 60-70mph in exposed coastal areas.”

Meteorologists at Dan Stroud of the Met Office also predicted that a full area of ​​snow would cover northern England and parts of Wales.

He states:

The latest warning comes nine days after Storm Irwen issued a red weather warning to the Met Office. This is the most serious alarm possible.

Worried civilians use social media to share their fears of bad weather hitting the country. Janet Davis wrote on Twitter:

Storm Irwen killed three people after a gust of up to 100 mph felled trees and caused a power outage in parts of the country.

The Energy Network Association (ENA) said that as of Sunday afternoon, 3,190 homes were awaiting reconnection. That’s down from 4,700 on Saturday night, with most of the affected homes in northeastern England.

Energy Secretary Kwasi Kwaten said it was “totally unacceptable” for some people to be unpowered more than a week after Storm Awen.

Kwasi Kwaten told the BBC in Durham: That’s why I’m here to be able to get people back as soon as possible. As I said, they’re back for 99.5 percent of people, but for those who still have to endure this-it’s totally unacceptable. “

The Secretary of Energy warned power companies that the government would reconsider their business following the ongoing power outage caused by Storm Awen nine days ago.

“I think we can significantly improve the resilience of the system,” said Kwarten when he visited the Northern Powergrid call center in Penshaw near Sunderland.

Due to the long power delays, energy regulator Ofgem warned that it would take coercive action against network companies that were unable to restore power to their customers quickly enough after the storm.

Jonathan Brearley, Chief Executive Officer of Ofgem, said:

“The impact of Storm Awen is still felt in 4,000 homes without electricity.

“We admit that network companies are working in difficult situations, but we must continue to work hard until all UK homes are back on power.

“We have begun a review of how the storm was handled. There are strict rules on how network companies need to operate in these situations, as needed. Take action. “

Meanwhile, the military continues to support the powerless people of the northeast. Teesdale farmer David Eccles and his daughter Emma received a welfare pack from the Royal Lancers yesterday.

Stormbara brings thousands of 70mph blizzards and is powerless after Arwen | UK | News

SourceStormbara brings thousands of 70mph blizzards and is powerless after Arwen | UK | News

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