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STib Bruce is looking for Guy Fawkes at a later date. Newcastle managers may have forgotten most of the history they learned at school, but it seems that football, the equivalent of a gunpowder plot, is being brewed on the club’s training grounds.

Bruce was very furious at the intentional leak of his details A fierce replacement with midfielder Matt Ritchie In his Daily Mail, he used the term “treason” on Friday at one of the most expensive press conferences delivered by Newcastle managers since Jokinia’s famous abusive speech in 2008.

In 1605, when Forks and his fellow Catholics assassinated James I and failed to blow up the House of Lords, the standard punishment for treason was hanging, visceral removal, and a quarter.

Just as Bruce remains enthusiastic about identifying “traitors,” manager critics say the club’s “mole” favors Newcastle when opening the previously sealed dressing room window. I believe you may be working in.

By revealing fault lines within the fractured squad, this latest in a series of leaks argues that owner Mike Ashley hastened Bruce’s final unavoidable dismissal, perhaps avoiding demotion. there is.

Bruce was preparing to take his side to West Brom for a tactical duel with Sam Allardyce on Sunday, so he knows his job is at stake. I took all the features of. After winning 2 in 15 years Premier League He needs to hold an apparently fragile truce with Ritchie and other dressing room opponents, as the game and Newcastle are only 3 points away from the third bottom flam.

Some players are genuinely pleased with Bruce’s management, but make an unpleasant comparison with his highly decorated predecessor Rafael Benitez and miss the polymath’s Spanish “devil of detail” approach. There are also players.

Bruce has been regularly bitterly critical of his team this season, and it doesn’t help that Ritchie blamed the tactical turmoil ahead of wolf leveling last Saturday. .. 1-1 draw at St James’s Park..

The pair clashed on Tuesday, midfielders called the manager a “coward,” and the incandescent Bruce provided a retaliatory shoulder barge. “It’s happening every week across the country,” Bruce said on Friday. “You’re dealing with 25 fiercely competitive men full of testosterone, but in other clubs it’s not in the treatise. It happens too often here.

“It’s in contact with treason-it’s totally disgusting. The source must be someone from the inside. That’s the biggest disappointment, but we want to discover who it is. Give my best.”

Mole may argue that Bruce has begun an entire apologetic episode with his clumsy post-match criticism of Ritchie. He was also disappointed by not telling goalkeeper Karl Darlow that he would play a wolf match until 72 hours after the media reported that Martin Dúbravka would begin.

Darlow initially believed that Bruce was the cause of the leak and took considerable effort to repair the relationship between the pairs. “I think the idea is completely disgusting,” said the manager, who had a clearer discussion with senior players on Friday. “If I think I’ve done it, I’ll resign tomorrow. That’s certainly not true. Excluding Karl was my hardest decision in 18 months.”

Despite reports that certain first teamers believe they have been given too many holidays-only three last week-Bruce hasn’t suffered from his training schedule.

“It borders on ridiculous things,” he argued. “It’s ridiculous and obscene. There were ridiculous matches and we agreed with doctors, medical departments and sports scientists on holidays. Players need to get enough rest. People are tired and playing so injured. doing.”

Considering Newcastle traveling to Hawthornes Without their three brightest, sharpest, creative talents With injured Callum Wilson, Miguel Almiron and Allan Saint-Maximin, Ashley will undoubtedly expect Bruce’s game plan to mitigate the resulting loss of goals and pace.

Regardless of Sunday’s results, the manager, who is said to cost £ 4 million to dismiss, has declared he will not resign, and owners have clearly improved performance since Graham Jones was appointed senior coach. You may feel a little relieved.

Some observers believe that Jones should replace Bruce, but it overlooks the former lack of front-line management experience. Meanwhile, the continued determination of the Saudi-led consortium to purchase Newcastle complicates external appointments.

If the acquisition is successful, Benitez’s immediate reinstallation won’t be a remote surprise, but the first Ashley was to determine if the acquisition was unfairly blocked by the Premier League last summer. You must win the arbitral tribunal.

In a rare official statement on Friday, retail tycoon revealed that Newcastle had failed to replace QC, the chair of the arbitration committee, because of its previous relationship with the Premier League.

“NUFC is fighting teeth and nails [for Saudi-led ownership]”Ashley said. “Fans and regions have been denied the investment they deserve.”

Meanwhile, Bruce continued to fight and decided not only to confuse his growing alleged army, but also to silence his internal enemies.

Steve Bruce fights enemies in a painstaking Newcastle | Louise Taylor | Football

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