Stephanie Davis shares CCTV thief stealing son Keben’s birthday gift

Stephanie Davis Someone shared how she feels “internal organs” after stealing her son Keben’s birthday gift from her reported new boyfriend Joseph McCarroy’s car.

After training at the gym, the 28-year-old came across an Instagram story, explaining why she had a rough morning and claiming that the robber had “compassion.”

“Jim is over, I feel good,” she said. “But this morning was bad. So basically I woke up this morning and Joe’s boots and passenger door were open. And yesterday I went shopping. Everywhere else for Smith and Caben’s birthday gifts. ..

“Someone stole them from the car. They left some, but I was completely angry this morning, and I wondered,” Why? What is my life? ” “

Stephanie Davis reveals that someone stole his son Keben’s birthday gift

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former Hollyoaks The actress continued: “The day before his birthday, he woke up with his present, and several others were robbed.

“I was angry, but then I sat down and tried to find compassion for the person who did it. Obviously, to do such a thing, I was desperate and experienced a really bad time. Because it has to be. “

While angry with the problem, one mother accepted what it was and tried to focus on the positives of her son Caben’s birthday. Because he is surrounded by people who love him.

Stephanie said she has "Compassion" For those who robbed the car
Stephanie said the person who stole the car had “compassion”

“That’s what it is, it’s done,” she continued. “Accept it, it doesn’t matter how many gifts he receives.

“So it would be hard to actually pray that the man is okay. It doesn’t make sense to cry about what happened, because I’m not going to solve the situation. Obviously, someone I don’t see you tinkering with everything about you. That’s what it is. I’m trying to see the positives. “

Recently Stephanie After the stalker did not appear in court, she said, “I’m always looking over my shoulder.”After that, I posted a robbery CCTV. This shows that a hooded person carefully approaches the car and covers his face when he opens the passenger seat door.

Stephanie showed the CCTV of the person who broke into the car
Stephanie showed the CCTV of the person who broke into the car

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After wandering around and before checking the trunk of the car, the person also looked at the backseat.

On this, Stephanie writes:

She later took a feed and spouted over him with a caption, “1-2-day-3 days-4 days … and in a few days .. 5th birthday !! Honestly, time Where is it? Go ?? I can’t believe my baby will be 5 years old!

Stephanie finds out how proud his son Caven is.
Stephanie finds out how proud his son Caven is.

“This week he called me mom instead of mummy for the first time … and I think my heart was actually broken lol MUM THOUGH

“He’s been here for a long time and is wise beyond his age. He’s a real little old man. I can’t believe he’s mine and I don’t understand. Pinch myself every day. This hysterical, funny, compassionate, affectionate, wise, and most understood beautiful boy is mine, “with a red heart emoji.

Stephanie, that Stalker She attacked her with a gift and moved her homeShared how proud she was of the “house man” before thanking her 972,000 followers for “love and support.”

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Stephanie Davis shares CCTV thief stealing son Keben's birthday gift

Source link Stephanie Davis shares CCTV thief stealing son Keben's birthday gift

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