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Staycation adventure in Scotland Looking forward to this summer

With Nicola Sturgeon’s warning Overseas vacation this summer It may be off the card, it Staycation It may be the answer for those who want to take a break in Scotland.

Thankfully, there are many once-in-a-lifetime experiences in Scotland as well as having to be found by traveling to other countries. Exciting adventure..

The question of how to entertain a family during a break is an idea that many people think of when booking a vacation.

Whether you’re exchanging Spanish beaches for Scottish lakes or Swiss Alps for Caledonian Munro, there are plenty of new experiences at home.

From coasting to paragliding Scottish Caravan, Motorhome, Holiday Home Virtual Show When things started to reopen, we shared some of the exciting things that (hopefully) could get up this summer.

Animal adventure

A herd of Scottish alpaca.

Scotland is home to an incredible amount of wildlife, from native species such as majestic stags and golden eagles to more exotic species such as reindeer. Cairn Gome Raindia Center) And Amur Tiger ( Highland Wildlife Park) Look, there are many things to do.

Located in Inner Leesen Velvet hole It is home to the alpaca of Scotland.

Curious animals are a favorite of both children and parents, and their gentle nature means they are great with people.

Velvet Hall offers a special “alpaca trek” where the whole family can walk in the countryside with their own alpaca.

Land and sea

Land sailing can be a lot of fun.
Land sailing can be a lot of fun.

Scotland has a wonderful coast and there is no shortage of water activities. Whether you’re pilgrimage to the surfing town of Thurso or kayaking on a local lake, there are so many ways to wear a wetsuit.

Fortunately, Experience blown away It offers a variety of beach-based activities, including land yachts. In a session that combines the elegance of sailing with the bustle of motor racing, you can race with friends and family on the gorgeous West Sand Beach of St Andrews.

While this activity is perfect for everyone over the age of 12, Blown Away Experiences has twin yachts on the fleet so kids 5-12 years can sit on a land yacht as a wingman and experience the fun.

White water rafting

White water rafting is a thrilling experience.
White water rafting is a thrilling experience.

If the sound of wearing a wetsuit is more appealing, why not test your nerves in one of Scotland’s powerful rivers?

With spectacular water droplets and fast-flowing rivers with torrents, Scotland is home to Britain’s most exhilarating torrent rafting experience.

The Findhorn River Route in Cairngorm National Park is the ultimate torrent rafting day for the family.

With stunning views down the 18-mile course and the opportunity to jump off cliffs up to 30 feet, there’s no shortage of thrills.

If you need something a little faster, head to Fort William in early spring. Outdoor capital We will guide you through the fast-flowing Garry River.

The river is controlled by the discharge of the dam, providing an exciting ride down the river through turbulent torrents and huge waves.

Depending on the company, adventures can be booked from 5 years old and over, so the whole family can participate.

Rock ‘n’ roll

Scotland is Britain’s most mountainous region, a hill-covered land where what goes up must go down.

Adventurers of New Zealand origin have opted for a fast-paced descent from a hill walk with a new inflatable ball game known as Zorbing, Sphering and Obing.

In this activity, participants strap on a 12-foot inflatable ball and then roll down the hill at high speed.

Take you on a wild, bumpy downhill ride and the exhilarating Zorb experience will make you want to run up the hill for another shot.

If you are driving on a public road in a caravan this year, please check it out. Activity scotland For more information on the upcoming dates for this summer and where you can catch them all over Scotland.

Take me to the sky

To the sky with a paragliding experience.
To the sky with a paragliding experience.

Fly in the sky with a paraglider experience in a training class or a taster session on a tandem flight.

Flying fever It operates on 30 sites on the Isle of Arran and offers an aerial view of the entire island. Even if you are familiar with the beautiful islands, this experience brings a new perspective to your vacation.

By law, you must be at least 14 years old to be a paraglider in the UK, making this an adventure for teens and adults.

Explore the coast with Coasteering

Coast tearing is an exciting experience.
Coast tearing is an exciting experience.

Get up close and personal with the Scottish coastline in this fun activity that combines mountaineering and cliff jumping. Climbing along the coastal rocks, into caves, canyons and the ocean, coast tearing will refresh and refresh you.

If you’re traveling to Oban to stay, you can venture with top-notch professionals to explore the coastline.

You need to be able to swim and have a great sense of adventure and Vertical descent Take care of the rest and tailor your itinerary to the needs of the whole family.

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Staycation adventure in Scotland Looking forward to this summer

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