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We all must have traded or at least heard about trading at least once and it is one of the best ways to earn money and invest in the market. when you trade, you come to know a lot about how to handle finances and you become well aware of how different the stock market works. When you look at the upcoming IPOs 2021, you will notice that the Indian government has also taken an initiative in expanding the market and has approved many companies to go public in recent years. This has turned out to be profitable for many people. One of the most recent and successful IPOs was the Zomato IPO. There are many upcoming IPOs that you need to look forward to if you are looking to invest.

If you are a newbie in the investment market, then you need to keep up with the upcoming IPOs so that you can choose the best one from those and start investing and trading in the market. when you are new to it you will need some platform to guide you so that you make lesser mistakes. Since mistakes are inevitable but you can reduce the possibilities of it and this is why having a platform like 5paisa can help you a lot with being updated with everything going on in the market.

To get started with the process of trading you will have to open a Demat account first and when you have 5paisa, you don’t have to worry about it as you can get started with it in a matter of minutes. Here is how you can have a Demat account with 5paisa:

  1. Select the depository participant on the 5paisa website.
  2. You will have to fill out the Dematerialization Request Form that is required to be done.
  3. As an investor, you will have to submit a few necessary documents. Aadhar card is the most important document from the ones you will need.
  4. You will have to sign an agreement that will be between the investor and depository participant.
  5. Verification of documents is a necessary step which will be done by 5paisa.
  6. The account is created finally with 5paisa in a matter of minutes.

Opening a Demat account is important for starting to invest in an IPO. You can start by opening a free Demat account in a matter of 5 minutes. For any enquiry, you can just visit the 5paisa website and give your name and number so that the 5paisa team of experts can get back to you with all the information.

5paisa has a variety of options for trading which is quick and easy to carry out. You can always get into trading if you still haven’t and 5paisa is one of the platforms that will help you in having the best guidance for everything.

Start with 5paisa today and get the best trading opportunities that are quick, simple, easy and convenient. Join the 5paisa family today to avail the benefits.


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