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Statement of the Ministry of Justice

The Department of Justice has welcomed the report of the Criminal Justice Inspectorate of Northern Ireland (CJINI) on the development of criminal justice assistance, which was released today.

The spokesman of the Department of Justice said. “The Board welcomes the report’s acknowledgment of the improvements made by the Legal Services Agency in the area of ​​criminal justice payment processing and the introduction of a legal aid management system in those improvements. We also welcome recognition. Progress in significantly reducing payment level errors բարել Improvements in estimating future spending levels.

“We recognize the potential for adequate funding levels to enable the Legal Services Agency to make fast, predictable payments. The Department works closely with the Legal Society խորհրդի Advocacy Board on the level of payments that the Agency can make. has recently confirmed that it will make payments based on an additional ,3 5.3 million, and is working to further improve the level of funding available. ”

“All the recommendations of the report have been accepted and are being implemented within the framework of the agreed action plan.”

Statement of the Ministry of Justice

SourceStatement of the Ministry of Justice

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