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Standard Online Casino Games or Live Casino Games: Which One’s for You?

The internet has given us instant gratification and convenience when it comes to gaming and gambling. We get to play when we want, wherever we want.

With customers galore, gaming site owners and game developers continue to innovate with their offerings, looking to provide immersive and interactive entertainment wherever possible. This has widened the scope of gaming possibilities for all, with players being able to choose between conventional online casino games and live games. If you’re unsure of the difference, then this article’s for you.

Live Casino Games

These are ideal for players that crave a real-time and real-life casino experience from wherever they want to play. This could be from the comfort of their home or travelling on a train. Audio and visual technology work in tandem to help create this overall experience. For instance, the player will hear the dealer speak and shuffle cards. They’ll also be able to see the dealer as they do this.

The idea is to make the experience as authentic to playing at a land-based casino as possible. For example, within the Paddy Power live casino, players can interact with the real-time dealer. This is handy if they have questions about the game but also adds a dimension to the gameplay that would otherwise lack engagement in its traditional form. There are many genres available, including game show-inspired titles like Deal or No Deal, which certainly broadens the appeal to a wider demographic.

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One thing to remember is that there are usually limited seats at each table with live casino games. So, you need to be actively playing to keep yours. You should always be able to find a table if you lose your seat. You could even sit at a different table to play a different game.

Video Casino Games

Just like live casino games, these require an internet connection to play. However, they don’t have the advantages of live casino games that make live casino games, well, live, but this doesn’t mean the number of games or variety of them is compromised. Players can still play slots, poker, and much more at any time of the day or night and wherever they are.

With the use of random number generators (RNG), generated sequences are totally random and fair to players, as the BBC suggests. There’s no predictable pattern, meaning no one knows what number is going to come up next and who’s going to win. With this in place, no spins follow on from the last, so winning and losing are independent results throughout your time playing.

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No matter how you play, the rules of the game don’t change. It’s how you play that does. If you choose to play a live game, you’re naturally going to get more interaction when it comes to other players and the dealer. If you’re fancying a quiet game, video casino games are always an option.

Having this choice for online gaming is great for players and casino operators because everyone is catered to. As technology improves in both spheres, they’ll only become more popular as player needs are continued to be met.

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