Stacy Solomon teases “very bright” hair changes

Stacy Solomon Fans were teased on Instagram with “very bright” hair changes.

The 32-year-old uploaded a photo to her story mixed with L’Oreal’s DIY hair dye and then shared the selfie she sent to her sister while she was waiting for the color to change.

Improvised hair changes were brought about after her fiancée Joe swash She had booked a table for dinner, but she admitted that it turned out to be “a little bright.”

She captioned the first story. “So this morning, after a good bait (the one Rose has the best nap), I decided to dye my hair …” followed by a laughing emoji and a monkey covering his eyes.

Stacy Solomon teases “very bright” hair changes

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NS Loose female Panelists continue: “You feel like you’ve looked like a real foot for a long time, and you just know when you need to change …”

“I’ve been thinking about it for years, and Joe booked a meal for us today, so I just thought about it and went for it … it’s a bit bright I think I like it, and I’m sure it will settle down after a few washes. “

Stars can be seen pouring golden liquid into a black plastic gloved dye formula jar of a stylish vanity.

In the next Instagram story frame, Stacy shared a make-up-less selfie with a hair dye. Her long lock is smoothed over her head as the red-colored dye covers the edges of her ears and stains her hairline and her entire forehead.

Stacy shared a selfie after applying a red dye to her hair

She captioned the photo. “I’m very laughing at this photo I sent to my sister on the way.”

“I usually went to a hairdresser to dye my hair, but she’s also giving birth. No one was available because I decided this morning.”

As a novice home hair dye, Stacy shared her new DIY tips with 4.8 million followers. The presenter is well known for all the home hacks and tips she shares on her BBC show, Sort Your Life Out.

The star started as follows. “If anyone is thinking about DIY … I learned today … 1. Don’t wear white.”

Stacy said, “I felt like a foot,” so I wanted to dye my hair on the night of my date with Joe.

Stacy’s jumper has a red dye hint in the corner of the frame and you can see the sprudge on the neck.

She continued. Do it in the shower-things get dirty, bring a mirror.

“3. Don’t spill it on your eyebrows and leave it alone. She wrote with lots of laughing face emojis.

The four mothers said the photo was evidence of all the “nice humans” who said “it didn’t look like a foot.”

The time stamp she included in the photo is 11:15 am, so fans are eager to see the end result of her “bright” hair change.

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Stacy Solomon teases "very bright" hair changes

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