Stacy Solomon shares a lovely video of her son Rex singing to Baby Rose

Stacy Solomon My son Rex shared a lovely clip singing to Baby Rose.

NS Loose female The star welcomed Rose to the world on Monday, October 4, which is also his 32nd birthday, and has shown the ups and downs of newborn care to 4.8 million followers.

If you post a video to her Instagram story in the latest update on Sunday, November 28th, you can see Rex lying next to Baby Rose and singing a nursery rhyme hoping she’ll fall asleep. ..

Stacy wrote on the clip: Bah black sheep'”.

On the second slide, she added: ..

Stacy’s son Rex sang a lullaby to baby Rose

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Stacy shares daughter Rose and son Rex, 2 with fiancée Joe swash She is also the mother of her sons Zachary (13) and Layton (9) from a previous relationship.

Presenters recently revealed that Rose will be the last addition to the family. She and Joe have no plans to have any more children.

“We must live within our means,” Stacy explained. I’m grateful even for my pregnancy. “

Stacy shares son Rex and daughter Rose with Joe Swash

Stacy said baby Rose will be her and Joe’s last child

She added to The Mail on Sunday magazine: “I don’t want to push anymore. That’s enough.”

Stacy also talked about her “incredible” experience of giving birth to Rose at home and admitted that she felt “maximum height” following the arrival of her little girl.

She finally felt that she was “in control of herself” because she gave birth at home, and added that she couldn’t stop smiling.

Stacy unveiled a new bright hair look this week

Meanwhile, Stacey recently surprised fans by revealing a new bright red hair color.

Stacy posted a photo of her new hairstyle with her baby Rose sitting on her lap and captioned the image. ) Red hair dyes are everywhere (laughing face emoji). “

Stacy added, “Today I couldn’t resist matching Rose’s outfit to my hair,” followed by a laughing face emoji.

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Stacy Solomon shares a lovely video of her son Rex singing to Baby Rose

Source link Stacy Solomon shares a lovely video of her son Rex singing to Baby Rose

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