Stacy Solomon proves that see-through leggings weren’t tights with receipts

After a confused wardrobe accident Stacy Solomon I shared a photo of leggings to prove that her see-through bottoms weren’t tights.

Was 32 years old She regretted when she noticed that the white leggings she wore all day were completely transparent. Show off her flower white and blue nickers.

originally, Loose female The panelists thought they must have accidentally put on their tights after rushing to prepare in the dark. However, after searching for “time”, she found a receipt for H & M leggings.

In her Instagram story video, Stacey posted screenshots of the items to prove they’re really leggings. Stacy writes:

Stacy proved that her see-through bottoms, which look like tights, are leggings

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“I thought I happened to order tights, so it took me two hours to find the leggings receipt. They were leggings and it cost me bl **** £ 9.99. Okay. Tenna walking around naked … “

The TV presenter spoke to the camera and added: “Just rubbing salt on the wound, those leggings were £ 9.99 out of consciousness. I don’t know what they were conscious of. They weren’t conscious of my dignity!”

The unfortunate accident happened when the four mothers hurriedly prepared to run the school and didn’t check her reflexes to see how transparent her leggings were.

Stacy shared a video showing how leggings look through when she looks back over her pants through a white cloth.

Stacy Solomon proves that see-through leggings weren't tights with receipts
Her fiancé Joe can be heard laughing, but Stacy didn’t think the costume accident was wrong.

The TV presenter wrote: A nice lady from Costco came in (maybe I’ll add it at the end) and said, “Your leggings look a little transparent.”

“It’s like 1 denier tights, and Joe walked around all day without telling me.”

Before explaining: “We weren’t even thinking about rushing to get dressed in the dark and looking in the mirror before the school ran. It’s obviously cheerful that Joe thought it looked. I thought it was, and in a series of eye roll emojis, I just said, “I was in a hurry so I forgot to say anything.”

The TV star didn’t see the funny side of walking around in public while her fiancé was almost “naked.” Joe swash I laughed at the background of the video.

Stacy Solomon proves that see-through leggings weren't tights with receipts
Stacy’s floral underwear looks perfectly through her white leggings

She said: “No, I don’t really find this interesting. I can’t believe I walked around like this all day long.”

Before Joe equips: “You should have more, pay more attention to what you are wearing.”

Stacey counterattacked when Joe claimed to have “forgotten” to tell her how much her bottom could be seen through. The video breaks when he hits hysterics and jokes. “That is, listen, you’re old enough to dress yourself, right?”

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Stacy Solomon proves that see-through leggings weren't tights with receipts

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