Stacy Solomon mourns when her beloved pet dog dies “in my arms” a few days after Christmas

Stacy Solomon Her beloved pet dog, Theo, revealed that she died in “my arms” at their home in Pickle Cottage on Sunday, December 26th.

The 32-year-old used her Instagram feed to share heartbreaking news with 4.9 million followers. She snuggles up to her series of photos of herself posing with her furry friends, and the children Zachary, 13, Layton, 9, Rex, two.

She shares the emoji of the two footprints and writes in the caption: [sad emoji] A best friend we may have ever wanted. Our heart is broken. At home yesterday we had to say good night to our Theo. 11 Great year.

“We were very fortunate to love you for Fifi, and we never stop. My knees have never felt so empty. [sad emoji] I miss you anymore. My little girl. But ah, my goodness, the memories and love you brought to our lives “and sad emoji.

Stacy Solomon announces that her beloved dog has died

Stacy said her furry friend died "In our arms" At the pickle cottage
Stacy said her furry friend died “in our arms” at the pickle cottage

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She continued: “Thanks to all of Theo. Protect me and the boy when we need them most. Love us no matter what, and your sister Rose. Please wait for me to meet you.

“Rex had a close friend in you that he could have hoped for, and the boy had the best guardian in the world.

“Rex is just a little, I know him, but Zachary and Layton will never forget you.

Stacy has her children "I will never forget" she
Stacy said her children “never forget” her

“Peanuts have lost his hug buddy so much that we’re trying to make up for him with a hug, but I know it’s not exactly the same. [sad emoji]

“There are too many moons to return to Theo [black heart emoji] eternally [black heart emoji] Sleep soundly with my beautiful lady. With a rose emoji.

Stacey later took her to expand her Instagram story as she said: “On Boxing Day morning … our beautiful Theo died.

Stacy they "Completely broken heart"
Stacy said they were “totally broken heart”

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“She fell asleep in my arms surrounded by all of us at the pickle cottage. For 11 years we were very lucky to love her.

“Our heart is completely broken. She was the best dog in the world who loved boys and roses. I can’t even explain how much I was lost without her.” Black heart pictogram With.

Stacy continued to share a series of videos she took over the years to remind her of the little Theo.

Stacy said she feels "So lost" With her dog Theo
Stacy said she feels “very lost” with her dog Theo.

In one of the lovely pictures of Theo posing in a white jumper in front of a Christmas tree, Stacey explained how much she was lost without her.

“I’m very confused. When I go to the bathroom, you’re not at my feet,” she started.

“The doorbell rings, there is no bird [crying emoji] I climbed the bed for the first time in 11 years, but you didn’t dive with me.

“I’m so lost without your theo” in the red heart emoji.

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Stacy Solomon mourns when her beloved pet dog dies "in my arms" a few days after Christmas

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