Stacy Solomon is rushing to plan a wedding with a slowback snap a year after her engagement

Stacy Solomon The wedding plan for her and Joe Swash was held a year later Engagement on their magical Christmas Eve.

Loose female Star Stacey, 32, replied “yes” to TV star Joe, 39, who knelt on Christmas Eve last year.

The pair originally planned to tie a knot in 2021, but Stacey decided to move her marriage after she became pregnant with the couple’s daughter Rose, who was born in October this year.

Now Stacey looks back on her romantic engagement by sharing a photo of her own sweet throwback showing off her sparkling engagement ring in her Instagram story.

A year after Joe Swash asked a question, Stacy Solomon looked back on her engagement.

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Writing below the image, Stacey missed me saying, “I can’t believe it’s been a year.”

She then spewed her next wedding to Joe, her beloved husband: “I can’t wait for you to walk down the aisle @realjoeswashy with our boy and little princess Then, a smiley pictogram continued with tears.

“2022 I can’t wait for you,” Stacy spewed out, followed by a white heart emoji.

It comes after Stacey opens her wedding plans at Ruth Wimin’s Christmas Special.

Stacy Solomon and Joe Swash are engaged on Christmas Eve in 2020

Stacy spewed on baby daughter Rose and her sons attending the wedding day

Stacey appeared via a video link with her fiancé Joe and her baby daughter Rose, sharing their fiancée’s plans.

Loose Women’s panelists asked when the wedding would take place. Stacy said: Just around the corner, I want to get married next July.

“It’s great to have a boy and Rose there.”

During the show’s appearance, Stacey also shared her excitement at Christmas.

Stacy and Joe discussed Ruth Wimin’s wedding plans earlier this week

She described her and Joe’s two-year-old son Rex as follows: Older boys are also excited about him.

“It’s nice to see them all excited together, and it’s just nice to be at home.”

Stacy is a mother who is proud of her sons Zachary and Layton from their previous relationship. She also shares Rose with EastEnders stars Joe and Rex.

Meanwhile, Joe is also the proud father of his son Harry.

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Joe also admitted in an interview that the pickle cottage was full of boys and was still adapted to having a daughter.

He explained: I’m alone, but it’s not Baby Rose. You have to be gentler and more delicate. “

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Stacy Solomon is rushing to plan a wedding with a slowback snap a year after her engagement

Source link Stacy Solomon is rushing to plan a wedding with a slowback snap a year after her engagement

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